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It’s been a long time since I stitched with silk … and now I’m imagining some super-fine lettering, so I’ll need what I would characterize as continuous fiber (versus broken-fiber) floss. It needs to be loosely plied enough to do a split stitch, but not so loose that it frays or dis-integrates. I’m not too particular (ha!)

Back in the 90s I used Zwicky and it was so strong I could unply it and still be able to stitch without it self-destructing. But the last time I tried doing that a few years ago, I was unsuccessful. So I asked a nearby needlework store for a recommendation and got totally blank stares. Like “huh?”

So I’m turning to you all for advice … any suggestions???

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  1. I use my old stash of silks- collected over the years- but when I need new colours I go to because she is quite local to me but trades online. She certainly does all the clours and several different thicknesses. Rather expensive for you in P&P. Hope you find something. If I can send you something just let me know, no problem.


  2. something affordable and covering an appreciable range of solid colors – Soie Cristale 12-ply spun silk. I like to split it in half or even thirds to stitch. Currently on sale for 3.49 a skein at stichingbitsandbobs dot com. If you go there to see, click on the “fibers” option on the top of page menu. The threads I use and recommended are listed under Caron Collection. Scan the entire listing and you’ll see several other silk threads listed. Great close-up pic to help you judge suitability for your needs.


  3. LA – I love the comment – I’ve got nothing. – as a metal worker – it is double I got nothing. Hope one of the suggestions did the trick. Go well. B


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