What’s a Nana to do?

Time has been flying by, but that’s no great surprise as the past five days have been spent with our Missouri grandsons, seen here with some of J’s artwork …

I was so impressed I went out to get them watercolors, paintbrushes and paper so I could watch them create …

I especially loved seeing how Jace held his paintbrush completely different from how he held a marker …

to very good effect …

We had fun of another kind with J, making guest appearances as “Mystery Readers” in his first grade classroom, where we co-read Once Upon a Cool Motorcycle Dude …

and then ate lunch together …

Memory making …

20 thoughts on “What’s a Nana to do?

  1. Vibrant terrific colors in the artwork, each one worthy of framing and putting up on a wall. Quite joyful to see you and Don as mystery readers and I bet J was so happy to have you in his first grade class. Life doesn’t get much better in terms of memory making than doing so with our grandchildren. May you all enjoy a happy and delicious Thanksgiving


  2. What a great response to the creative spark! Watercolors! I would have done the same thing, with the same excitement at witnessing the fun of artistic play. Way to go, Nana. How great to be able to participate at school as well.


    1. I tried so hard not to suggest or otherwise insert myself into his process … and yes, cold press watercolor paper … an indulgence, but well worth it as Jace likes to use lots of water!


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