The pieced top for Parker’s coverlet is done …

It is 42 x 62 inches, pin-basted to an inner layer of double-weave gauze and a simple backing of white muslin.

I’m lap quilting it with a single strand of white DMC …

Basting it really, until the running stitches can be teased out to make way for new stitching during Nana “naps” with P.

And here I pause to imagine how a moon or some stars might make their way onto that patch of indigo blue … and so much more beyond that …


In response to Dee’s comment, here’s a P selfie of an outfit that definitely sparked the gleam …

29 thoughts on “Patchplay

  1. I know I’ve used this word before…but this quilt really is so delightful! I really (underlined 4 times) love this quilt! Your meticulous stitches are perfectly wonderful to show. I’m sure she will love it for years to come. Please show us later, when it’s been all loved-up!
    Side note: Your wooden duck reminds me that I tried to make one in 8th grade art class. Turns out what I see in my head, does not (underlined twice) come out of my hands and that I have NO IDEA how to make 3-D happen!! lol


    1. Thank you Nancy … I haven’t been posting on this project as much because it doesn’t visibly change, but I’m in no hurry

      I share your lack of 3-D happening. The wooden duck was one of my father-in-law’s early attempts, made in his 60s. After several years, he became quite good at 3-D as you can see from the swan pictured here:


    1. I misread your comment at first, so I’ve revised my reply … so yes, words might appear on either front or back … I’m also imagining hands that could be traced and held in stitch …


    1. Thank you … I hope so. It has been an interesting exercise making soft and cuddly without sacrificing durability (in the washer short term, wear and tear long term)


  2. This is whimsically lovely; a dearly meaningful quilt. filled with so many story possibilities as Parker recognizes the patches. What joy you all will have in the telling, in the imagining, in the snuggling under this quilt. Love, skill, talent, in every stitch. I’m sure that while this took/takes a lot of work, the memories of Parker’s adventures while wearing the clothing used, wrapped around you like a hug and what a hug, in return, you are giving her w ith this gift of heart and family.


  3. Oh indeed, stars and moons will grace this precious coverlet. I believe this is what you were working on when F and I visited in April? Sweetness…


    1. Thank you and yes … April and still I’m working on it.

      The Tierney Barden cloth awaits, my mind piecing together how it might go … and I’m delighted she is now dyeing linen!!


  4. Have you started buying clothes for the GKs with a view to cutting them up later, yet? It came out well, this quilt, and I look forward to seeing the rising moon.


    1. I’ve been asking my kids for some time to save clothes for future quilts … hopefully seeing this one will show them what’s possible.

      Meanwhile, I do indeed look for quiltable kid clothes … especially after learning the hard way that the cloth used for diaper bloomers is virtually impenetrable (obviously, right?)

      I’ve also been known to greet new outfits with “Ohhhh, I really like THAT one!” as my eyes gleam in anticipation …

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  5. This is just such a beauty Liz! I look and wonder if it will grow as she grows? Will it be added to you by her and by you together? It holds so much story already, and so much possibility. How is it that pieces of fabric held together can be so much more than that? I love what making does with hearts and hands and stories…brava!


  6. This quilt is so enticing!! I love the regimentation of the checks and bars contrasting with the crazy log cabin blocks….fun and clean at the same time. The colors also came out great with just enough dark to spark the softer colors. The gray/white checkerboard with the random pink squares is perfect. Parker will love this now and treasure it always.


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