Testing 1 … 2 … 3 …

I don’t know how this will play on various devices, so please leave a comment if it doesn’t work (it would help to know the device type).

Anyway, Don has made many photo montage videos over the years, usually commemorating significant events (graduations, weddings, birthdays, etc.). Last year he made the first “trip around the sun” video for our week at the beach. It was such a hit, that there is now a sequel. And while the full-length production would be a bit much, I thought you might get a kick out of the trailer.

One last note: The Ackert Home Whinery pre-dates the video era. It was originally used on a series of faux wine labels that we made every Christmas when we were in the throes of parenting. Nuff said.

Now on to the show …

18 thoughts on “Testing 1 … 2 … 3 …

  1. I love trailers and this one, a preview of past Ackert family adventures, has it all: Fun, Happiness, Silliness, Joy and most of all LOVE. What more could you want in a family documentary; this is such a treat. In recognition of the impressive cast and excellent cinematography, I virtually present an honorary award, ” The Ackie” to the Ackert Home Whinery. May you continue to enjoy many more trips around the sun and may we all be fortunate to come along for the ride!


  2. Liz~ Opened, played it on my computer, straight from the blog and it worked great…opened quickly and played without a glitch! That’s saying something with my old computer!
    On to the review…
    I loved it! Great choice of music, closing shot of production info! Your family is so full of SMILES and fun times and a sense of family togetherness…this brought a smile to my face and joy in my heart! Very well done! xo


    1. I take pictures and Don curates them all year long … it’s hard, but I resist looking over his shoulder so I can enjoy the first look of the full-length feature along with all the kids and grandkids …

      Glad you were able to to open it … and enjoyed the fun


  3. Worked great for me, Liz. What a fun project and what a pack of cuties! I would like to see the whole show. Best wishes for the next trip.


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