Touching base

I know, it’s been a while … no excuses, it is what it is. And I haven’t forgotten there are still New Mexico and Missouri posts to write … eventually.

Texas went from daytime in the 80s to 40s and 50s within 24 hours … with a touch of overnight frost thrown in for good measure … so the garden is struggling a bit …

Fortunately, the mealy blue sage and dwarf pomegranate don’t seem to mind …

I’ve got my list of beige food to make for Thanksgiving … mashed potatoes, dinner rolls, stock for gravy, creamed onions, apple and coconut cream pies … to which I will add broccoli salad for some green relief … there will be other sides to add color to the table, of course. There’s a wonderful warm comfort in anticipating the traditional foods. And since I do believe food is love, Thanksgiving will always be my most favorite holiday.

And Christmas is coming, so I’m playing with a new project in between stitching strips of cloth onto My Heart’s Compass

Happy days …

12 thoughts on “Touching base

  1. Gosh it is nice to see you here! Sage is one of my most favorites and yours is looking beautiful. Your list of foods had J. and me drooling 🙂 He misses his mama’s cooking/baking.
    May you have a most lovely Thanksgiving. I am grateful for you and all you share and your friendship. Beautiful. xo


    1. The sage has been blooming all through the spring, summer and now fall … it’s a variety called Henry Duelberg salvia and is obviously quite happy with Don’s gardening … interesting to note that another one planted at the same time, but the opposite end of the bed, is roughly 1/4 the size

      Wishing you and J a delicious Thanksgiving … I am thankful for your friendship and the circle of kindred spirits we have come to know


  2. LA – great to see some of the garden holding up under the cold conditions. This year we are experimenting with a mini glasshouse (polycarbonate) top see how that works in extreme weather – future proofing? Grand to see the simple Christmas decorations; and projects are so good to keep us ticking along. Stay well. Peace. B


    1. it’s ironic that it wasn’t all that long ago that Don removed the sun shade cloth that was protecting the tomatoes from 90+ degree temperatures … a mini glasshouse sounds quite intriguing, so I’ll look forward to its appearance over at Rustnstuff


  3. And there you are. 🙂 It’s been so cold here that the frost isn’t melting in the shade, most of the remaining leaves just froze on the trees. It’s warming up though…


    1. we’re supposed to get back to “normal” temperatures in the 70s by the end of the week … although I’m suspicious about how “normal” can even be calculated these days … wishing you good weather during your staycation


    1. well, I confess that I am only showing the “other side” of this year’s Christmas ornaments … that said, I’ve already taken some process shots to be revealed after the holidays … and the pomegranate is a joy to look at, with its miniature fruit looking like Christmas tree balls


  4. Scrumptious foods you have planned. Here, change of plans, not going to CA, we would have left for the long drive today…long story. Suffice it to say, I had to rethink and go grocery shopping and the price of turkey…WOW but our local grocery, Smiths, a Kroeger store, had them, as a special, for $.79 a lb, no hormones, young turkey. Got an 11 lb one that is plenty for the two of us. Our beige foods consist of stuffing, gravy, mashed potatoes. Usually make creamed onions but this time, adding pearl onions to peas in a simple white sauce. Our zingy color will be whole berry cranberries. I used to make elaborate cranberry sauce with brandy and oranges until Rich said he much preferred the whole berry out of the can…pumpkin pie of course, not made, store bought but to let you know my state of mind about not going to CA, half of it is already gone!

    May this time of thanks and giving surround you and yours, and all who come here, like a hug.


    1. so sorry to hear your plans have gone awry … eating pie is a comfort and it sounds like you deserve at least one pie, if not two, to get through the week …

      Meg will be making cranberry and green beans and I may slip some sweet potatoes onto my list … and of course there will be turkey and stuffing. I prefer smooth cranberry jelly made from a recipe in an ancient paperback Fanny Farmer recipe book, so I’ll make some for our leftovers. Meg makes a wonderful whole berry version, which is Don’s favorite.

      Wishing you and all who come here a peaceful day … however it may be spent


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