Hell yeah

I finished the stitching chair cushion repair!

After experimenting on the “other side” in this post, I realized it wasn’t “me.” So I started to go with a more open approach using seams from deconstructed thrift store finds …

couched with variegated Valdani #12 perle cotton and backed with a piece of cotton sateen that just happened to be the right size …

Next up? Figuring out a way to reinforce the armrest, currently patched with the corner of a bandanna that Don gifted to me …

35 thoughts on “Hell yeah

  1. Patching a chair! It’s beautiful. I painted an upholstered chair years ago but stitching on one. It’s dreamy! I want to find an old tattered chair to upcycle it back to beauty now. 😉


  2. Hells Bells, this is now your Happy Trails chair cause when I look at all of the colorful mending, going this way and thata way, it looks just like a happy trail, (apologies to Roy Rogers!)


  3. This is fantastic! I love how it looks and how you implemented it and…most of all that you DID IT!!! I think chair patching should be a thing…or where you are, a thang! Bandanas are sturdy, maybe it would work right where it is 🙂


    1. the bandanna will definitely stay where it is, but I’ve added a layer (leaving “Hell yeah” still showing) … and for sure it’s a thang!


  4. Hi LA – that is one wild work of art to be enjoyed every time you or others sit. I bet the grannies love it. Go well. B


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