It is to dance

Before any more time passes, here’s a record of Parker’s first Nutcracker with BFF Charlotte (the link includes a wonderful video trailer) …

And if two-year-old Ellis didn’t get to go this time, at least she got a souvenir (as did G, who wants to go with us next time) …

Speaking of Ellis, her coverlet is growing by the day. Just to keep things interesting, here’s a view of the other side …

And here’s what’s new on the art blog …

14 thoughts on “It is to dance

    1. it’s always the right time to acknowledge great collaborators like Mo and Rod … and so, thanks also to you and Fiona for the wonderful work you do, artfully and for peace


  1. Wonderful to see the joy, happiness and excitement of this special event…and to see the three of you at the event and especially to know that it will be on-going. How sweet that Ellis has her very own nutcracker.

    Just when I think her quilt could not be more wonderful, it has grown and is even more so….


  2. A tradition is born! You’ve brought back Millions of memories around Nutcracker. These girls have such light in their eyes…nothin’ like it! xo


  3. What a great tradition! The faces! The joy!

    In spite of making a case for symmetry with Ellis’s coverlet, I love how the new whites/pinks are bringing balance.


  4. I didn’t see the Nutcracker until I was an adult and then was lucky enough to see it in Seattle with the Maurice Sendack set. Although it’s been many years, I still remember the delight on everyone’s faces, young and old…


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