How things are going

I have a cloth that I made back in 2017 during a mostly unsuccessful project …

The cloth measures about 40” x 54” and is composed of two harem cloth layers glue stitched onto one layer of linen (with thanks, as always, to Jude for her teaching) …

It’s just about the right size for E’s coverlet …

ideas for which are starting to take shape …

There’s also a new post on the art blog if you’re so inclined …

12 thoughts on “How things are going

  1. Oh Liz! This seems like it will have such a wonderful weight & drape to it! The prints are delightful and I really like that it won’t all be the blocks. That switch up (like P’s) makes it so much more interesting.


    1. I’m not sure about the backing … having originally thought I might use white flannel. But yes, this has a very satisfying weight …

      and for sure the switch up from blocks to stripes to nine-patches makes it a lot more interesting to stitch!


  2. I really like the placement of the patches and stripes here. The white spaces create a kind of story space. It makes me think of the Gee’s Bend quilts. (And still hoping for a video of your finished book!)


  3. LA – of course I just love the layers of recycling and the weaving of history through your work – no end to cleverness and reuse with fabric. Go well. B


    1. B – I just don’t think I could go to a store, buy a bunch of cloth, cut it up and sew it back together … I need the story. I suspect you feel much the same with the metal you repurpose…


  4. The lower edge of strips, how like a pathway and one day Ellis will “walk” the strips and may remember or be told of her clothes and how they found a new loving purpose in the hands of her Nana- telling Ellis’s story in her special coverlet…


    1. and part of that story will be the hand-me-downs from her big sister … there’s a picture somewhere on the blog of P wearing one I especially love, but once again I’ve yet to find it … for sure I’ll let you know when I do


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