June 19-20, 2021

And so I begin to catch up on the lost month of patchmaking.

The first is my take on this painting/sculpture by Billy Keen

which Don and I got at the Assemblage Contemporary Craftsman Gallery on June 16th, the day before our combined birthdays. However, since there was to be an opening for Billy Keen’s show at the gallery on the 19th, we didn’t actually bring it home until afterwards. I especially like the piece as it reminds me of a trip to Galveston when we had red fish for dinner after taking a boat tour of the harbor.

June 19, 2021 – No Path

The second patch is a simple but sweet memory of sitting outside Meg’s house in the early evening, watching the mother wren feeding her chicks as the kids played in the yard …

As twilight descended, Ellis came over, pointed to the sky and asked, “Moon?”

Between the trees and the slightly overcast sky, there was no moon to be seen …

June 21, 2021 – No moon

but she was indeed pointing right where it should have been, had it been visible …

Clever child …

6 thoughts on “Two-fer

  1. Billy’s work is luminescent, and I love the soft summer haze of the second patch. A warm afternoon….can almost hear the hum of bees in the sunshine.


    1. we’ve been following his art for a while now … it was only a matter of time before one made its way home with us

      in talking to him, he pointed out that his pieces always have three elements: a realistic painting framed by an abstract painting, with a sculptural element (or elements) that convey story …


      1. I love when artists share a little bit of their world like that – and then you feel you can go looking for more in their work…his work is wonderful and so glad you have carried a piece home to yours!


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