A dream come true

May 7, 2021 – A torn and tattered heart reimagined

I scrolled and scrolled to get to this post in Mo’s blog and her reply to a comment …

The rest is Kindred Spirit history, beautifully documented on Mo’s blog through the tag I dream of a world where love is the answer and in an online catalog of her resulting Artsite Gallery exhibit.

It was the online catalog that led Andra Stanton to send me an email inviting me to contribute to a book she was writing for Schiffer. I confess to being skeptical at first, but she included the title of her book, Dimensional Cloth, which convinced me to explore further.

Many emails and two years later, Andra’s latest book, How Art Heals, has now been published …

and the oddment from Mo’s exhibit, first written about in my original blog

appears on page 156 (where credit is incorrectly given to me for the first photograph, but was actually taken from Mo’s online catalog) …

All of which I find most amazing. So thank you Mo for making this possible … on so many levels. And to Old Man Crow for the words and music that carried us through. May we all continue to dream.

19 thoughts on “A dream come true

  1. This is just wonderful Liz; , the quiet joy of seeing your name, your art in a book, weaving a memory, mending sadness over loss…where art transforms and connections come when least expected.


  2. Liz…all of this is so wonderful! Congratulations to you. This process, over time must feed you, heal you well. And “Kindred Spirit history” holds you with love. xo


    1. in truth, the process was challenging at times … the art part was easy, but the back and forth about the text was hard


    1. it is … I’ve been “in” books before, in the form of acknowledgements by authors who used my services as a reference librarian … but I must say this is much more fun


    1. in my mind I travel back to Jude’s Considering Weave in 2014 … learning about blogging from you and Mo especially … and all the steps along the way that led to now … how I never would have imagined what has come to be


  3. Congratulations Liz! Such a very special feeling to have work that is made from your heart and your hands appear in a physical book.The story that is woven through these shells, your collecting of them and then the physical threading of them is gentle yet so powerful. Brava!


    1. best of all would be writing a book … or, as in your case, creating artist books worthy of being acquired by a major library


  4. My two thumb earlier comment response was abbreviated (by fatigue?) so I wanted to come here and again say congrats! I was so thrilled to see you in print. So well-deserved! Not just because of the quality of your work but also because of how joyfully you make and tend connections!


    1. the first true collaboration I did after finding my way to Spirit Cloth was your Hearts for Charleston … it was and will always be a true milestone for me

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