March 11, 2021 – Thrift store Nana shirt

When we first moved to Texas in 2009, we rented a house in the little town of Wimberley. It was, and is, an arts-y place, with galleries and live music and a funky town square.

Wimberley also had/has an amazing thrift store, amply supplied by the artists, musicians, authors and retired art-lovers who live there. I love/d it. So when we ventured out for our first post-Covid vaccine road trip, there was no doubt what our destination would be.

We ate lunch at the Leaning Pear

got bedding plants at Wimberley Gardens, and best of all, shopped at the Village Store, source of many past thrifted cloth finds. All fully masked, I hasten to add, except for the al fresco dining on BBLTs (the second B is for Brie), crimini soup and fresh-squeezed lime-ade.

We didn’t spend long at the Village Store … it felt strange to be in an enclosed space with so many other people … but I did snag a great $5 buy …

100% linen in proper “Nana shirt” style. I even got complimented on it when I wore it on one of the St Louis shopping trips … ha!

So what better memory keeper for the day? The Gray Lines Linen samples yielded up a perfect match, along with a DMC 927 light grey green, which I always think of as the color of seawater …

Then I sketched out the machine embroidery pattern from the shirt in water-erasable marker and stitched away …

14 thoughts on “Wimberley

  1. Nothing more fun than a great thrift store find. It looks wonderful and your complimentary block .. perfect. I don’t have to tell you how good it feels to be fully vaccinated .. my goodness we are so very fortunate here in the US at the speed the vaccinations are being given.


  2. LA – such a joyful trip out and always a bonus when one can score good stuff from a thrift shop. Beautiful colour tones. B


    1. I ended up using a picture of the floss from the Internet when I couldn’t get a proper read on the color with my phone camera … amazing how the picture of the shirt and the close-up view of the machined embroidery were taken moments apart and are totally different


  3. What a great find! And don’t you just love seeing the variations of the threads, all lined up?! I could look at them for a good long time 🙂


    1. and now I’m wondering how on earth I don’t have any 928 floss … gonna have to remedy that on my maiden After Times trip to Hobby Lobby or Michaels


  4. What a nice chance to recall and remember the two pears patch as well! Part of me loves that as we make and do that we become favourites with a certain thread, a particular colour, a special kind of paper. The relationship is a fond one; they feel reliable and they produce results that we know we will like. DMC 927 is beautiful!


    1. I have found myself going back to the Remember 2016 cloth of late, which leads me to the original posts to see how I did particular patches. I do wish I had left a few more breadcrumbs in the form of process notes … and yes, there are multiple skeins of 927 and its kin in my floss collection


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