At last

February 20, 2021 – Soccer star stitches February 21, 2021 – Black box

Last week ended at last, but this week has proved to be busy indeed. So I’ve been keeping track of patch ideas and stories to tell and am just now catching up.

The Saturday patch is about Jackson, who starred in the January 2nd patch by virtue of having his appendix taken out. After one loooong month of recuperation, he is back to playing soccer …

And while watching online can make it hard to tell who is who, J is the only one on his team with red shoes.

The scattered white stitches remind me of the many steps those red shoes take as J runs up and down the field of play …

And if you squint (which I do a lot when watching a game online), you just might be able to make out his jersey number in the blank spaces between the stitch steps (14).

The second patch is a tribute to the mechanical genius of Meg’s husband Paul. When water main breaks in Austin caused the city to turn off their water, he figured there had to be a better way to flush their toilets than hauling buckets of pool water.

So while Meg and the kids were at our house last Sunday bathing and doing laundry and dancing around …

Paul rigged up a pump system …

I’d call that MacGyvering in the best sense of the word! Fortunately they didn’t need it for long, but it served them well.

Process notes: I didn’t have any bright green cloth in my stash to match Jackson’s soccer jersey, so I found some as close to it as possible and then touched it up with Inktense pencils …

The pool water was considerably easier … I just dipped into my stash of Deb Lacativa’s cloth dye magic and came up with the perfect blue.

So ends the penultimate week of February patches …

and yes, I kept the wonky bird. And I can see where he just might get to keep his head when all the patches are put together.

19 thoughts on “At last

    1. If I had any doubt about the project, it was allayed when G pulled out the Remember 2016 cloth and started asking about the stories behind some of the patches


    1. I try to write what I love to read … seeing how other bloggers solve process challenges makes me see new ways of going (your recent project of putting together disparate squares comes to mind)


  1. Coloring your cloth…seems that MacGyvering is in abundance in your family! And love the squinting required for #14. Your never-ending creative approaches are inspiring.


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