The rainbow connection

February 14, 2021 – Valentine’s … I mean, Melissa Day

Melissa Reid (aka MR, Meliss, Mom, and Aunt Liss) was born 35 years ago on a snowy Valentine’s Day …

It didn’t take long before she began to proclaim it her day. And while Baskin Robbins took care of baking her early birthday cakes …

eventually Strawberry Trifle became her most-requested birthday “cake,” up to and including five years ago, when we celebrated together in St Louis …

In the many years when we haven’t made it up to St. Louis, we’ve made it a point to celebrate remotely. But when I spotted this recipe a couple of weeks ago …

I thought it looked like a good alternative to making a trifle…

It also proved to be a great jumping off point for today’s patch, which was made with a Spoonflower cotton sateen sample …

and a sprinkling of variegated floss (from P’s coverlet project) tacking down a bit of harem cloth.

Nota bene: I struggled over how to document the previous five days of Senate impeachment trial in patches. A solution made itself known last night at 2 am, so watch this space …

16 thoughts on “The rainbow connection

    1. Those B&R cakes were a godsend when I was working and going to grad school (which I started when Meliss was still in diapers) … I’m sure it was equal parts fun and hard work making those cakes (brrrr)


  1. What a joyful patch and post! It just screams Party! I recognized the fabric right off and was tickled to see a bright and happy looking vegan cupcake recipe (which I sent off the son and family). Is that little P in the highchair? Is the birthday girl her mama? Because her young picture sure looks like P!!


    1. That’s P’s cousin Jace in St Louis when he was 1 year old … the family resemblance between Meg’s Austin kids and Melissa’s St Louis kids is a source of constant delight

      The cupcakes tasted really good … I used unrefined coconut oil and almond milk, so you could definitely taste the coconut (which I like) … I’ll definitely make them again!


    1. it always helps to have joy-full events to record … and to have an excuse to look through old photos (altho I never did find the one I was looking for)


    1. Good morning! I was just over at your blog … love that you were here at the same time

      and yes, it feels good to get back to color and happy-ness after the slog through DC madness last week

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  2. Joy and delight – so much happiness popping off the page here! The patch is the perfect match to bubbling excitement and happiness.


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