Outta sight

February 5, 2021 – Spin cycle
February 6, 2021 – Black hole aka Groundhog Day

The spiral patch unfortunately relates to recent medical rounds. Nothing catastrophic, mostly annoying. For instance, having to go pick out new eyeglass frames because the ones that were sent off for updated lenses were destroyed in a shipping accident. The good news is, now that I’ve had cataract surgery I can actually drive again. So there’s that.

Covid continues to be another life-complication, of course. We’ve relied on grocery deliveries for over ten months in order to minimize the risk of contracting the virus. At first the deliveries were a bit dicey … having to order up to a week in advance and never being sure of what would actually arrive. But over time things have gotten consistently better, to the point where I now schedule my deliveries to include a hot rotisserie chicken … perfect for dinner.

Until last night, that is. The appointed hour came and went. Figuring things were a bit busier than usual due to Super Bowl shopping, I wasn’t too surprised. So I called and sure enough, our order had slipped between the cracks. Not to worry, I was assured, it was ready to go.

More waiting ensued, and then a text message popped up …

More phone calls, more reassurance that the full order was in another driver’s car and on the way.

On the way to where exactly we will never know. The bananas arrived in due course … the rest of the groceries, including dinner, did not.

Hence the linen black hole, reverse appliquéd into some intergalactic cloth dyed by Deb

And so went the first week in February …

At least there’s this to celebrate …

once the groceries get here 😉

19 thoughts on “Outta sight

  1. Hi LA – just when you think it is sorted – a curved ball comes – living in this time and beyond is going to be quite different I think.But ice cream for breakfast!!!! Two great patches though. Go well B


    1. There was a time, a wonderful wonderful time, when Saturday breakfast was homemade waffles, ice cream and hot fudge sauce … oh to be young again!


  2. I love how the spiral circle extends into the previous patch – very satisfying. Sorry for the black hole of dinner – I must admit I was hoping it wasn’t the black hole of some further eyesight problem so felt a bit better that it was dinner not eyes…


    1. a patch to commemorate a missing dinner will surely bring a future smile … here’s hoping there are very few medical patches this year


  3. The spiral is great…black hole: don’t we all have at least one in our homes when something goes missing?! Ice Cream is another method of consuming calcium. Ha!


  4. I once waited and waited for a delivery only to discover I’d scheduled for midnight and not noon. So easily done!


    1. the crazy continued the following day … a delivery that wasn’t announced and then a missing chicken (eventually delivered) … makes me appreciate when it all works

      and yeah, midnight or noon, am or pm? totally confusing

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  5. weighing in late on the lovely patches and ruminations. I think, after yesterday, our country has some profoundly willful cognitive issues with “the nature of character” period.


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