Just checking

January 26, 2021 – Eyes wide open

Tuesday I had a follow-up appointment to check on a posterior vitreous detachment in my right eye that happened six weeks ago. As usual, it required having my eye dilated, which I hate with a passion, even as I understand the need for doing it as I’ve had retinal issues in the past. Long story short, all’s well although there’s nothing that can be done about the new floaters that resulted. Apparently it’s a fairly common occurrence after cataract surgery on extremely myopic eyes.

The good news is, I used the visit as an opportunity to have a new refraction done to check on my prescription. My new glasses are still under warranty, so there will be no cost to update them to the new prescription. And now I can get the additional magnification that I want in order to do the kind of close work I most love, having found that the original Rx wasn’t strong enough.

Today my eyes are back to normal and there’s a full moon tonight.* I’m thinking a white-on-black companion patch might be just the thing.

Process notes: reverse appliqué with plain black and white linen, blanket stitch edging with one strand of variegated green floss and one strand of solid green floss. Note to self: next time be sure to trim the black linen more closely so it doesn’t show through.

* or maybe the truly full moon is tomorrow night? My moon phase app seems to be a bit off

21 thoughts on “Just checking

  1. The old saying “All’s well that ends well”! I’m glad you will be able to do more ‘close work’ – and we will be able to enjoy it! Love this eye and thanks for the full moon reminder. xo


    1. Fortunately I’ve already pretty much gotten used to the new floaters, so I guess the healing is done … that said, I always appreciate blessings …


  2. I have two pairs of glasses. One with full lenses of the close work magnification ( reading) and the second pair trifocals with far, regular and close.


  3. Very good reminder this one – I love how at a glance I might be able to remember your stories. Very interesting how powerful and effective they are for outsiders on the other side of the world! Universal symbology? Something clever about stories and imagery? I am enjoying reflecting on their wonder. January almost done! PS – glad that your magnification is going up – could be big wow moment (and glad that things are being managed)


    1. I have found my Remember 2016 patches conjure memories much more effectively than any written journal I’ve ever kept … the power of imagery is right up there with the evocative power of scent


  4. I noticed the “shadow corona” right away, but it didn’t register that it was from the black cloth. Instead I thought, “How in the world did she get that faint wash to come out so perfectly?” This is a great piece, and I’ll bet we can all retell its story a year from now.


    1. Circling back around to this as your comment has stayed in my mind: how these daily cloths are also samplers of how I might make things in the future; this shadowing might prove useful someday


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