It took holding the cloth two inches from the end of my nose, but I needed to do this …

With thanks to all the dyers of cloth and thread (there are several here) … to Jude who taught me how to love nine

And to Ruth for the words and everything she did …

P.S. my cataract surgery is scheduled for September 28th … I’ve decided to remain nearsighted, but at 4 diopters rather than 9 … the better to keep on stitching.

20 thoughts on “Need

  1. Love it .. what first attracted me to Jude was her love of 9’s being 1 of 9 sisters and brothers. She has opened a world of people and places that have become a total part of who I have grown to be in my heart and soul and stitching.
    Hoping all goes well with your eye surgery .. sending Blessings Galore.


  2. Liz, perfect. I love our two completely different ways of representing this quote!
    Yay for your soon to be fixed up eyes! You will be quite relieved I do believe.


    1. I tend to avoid surgical options, but this is the exception that proves the rule … and I just ordered RBG’s “My Own Words” hoping to find more


  3. Yes, counting the days until you can see clearly again. My dad had his cataracts removed at eighty nine. It went very well (no pain at all) and he said it was like lifting a veil. I hope it will be similarly effective for you. As for the power of nine…the more I look the more I see it.


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