And yet …

In my tiny corner of the world, I have tried one thing and another to keep my creative heart happy whilst awaiting cataract surgery. But my “good” eye is full of floaters, while my really bad eye sees everything in triplicate. As a result, I’ve ripped out more unsatisfactory results than I care to recall lately.

And yet …

Today I figured out what I can do. I decided to finally put a white flannel backing on Remember 2016 (please note it really is as asymmetrical as it looks) …

After bidding the b-side a fond farewell …

I pinned the two layers together and began stitching with two strands of magical silk/cotton thread dyed and gifted by Deb Lacativa

It’s such a little thing in the context of what’s going on in the world when there is so much to bemoan. So much loss and change and angst. So much fear and sadness and frustration touching oldsters and youngsters, teachers and frontline workers, people of color and immigrants, those who have lost livelihoods and those who have lost loved ones … the list is endless.

And yet …

Look at these smiles on the first day of “real” school …

and virtual school …

and pre-school …

and most especially on this first day of patient care in nursing school …

All of them moments of Zen.

18 thoughts on “And yet …

  1. Liz~ Oh my, your beautiful, beautiful family! I have to say the teacher in me loved the children’s photos from the first to the last! I smiled at noticing it seems as if the Kindergartener has his shoes on the wrong feet..that brings back so many memories of my days with K’s! all the way to the precious little girls, the littles…seeing that classroom is like a comfort zone of my world (although I don’t miss sitting on the floor all day!). May they learn, may they grow, may they be healthy.

    I so love this cloth of yours. While I am sorry for your eye troubles (memories there for me too), I’m glad you are prompted to work on it again, even if we must say goodbye to the B side! Additionally, Life is asymmetrical, my friend, it matters not.

    Here is a heartfelt story for you. I heard it on the news last night and thought it is so nice to know that there are folks out there doing good!

    Take care, be well


  2. Your 2016 piece is wonderful & I too enjoyed the children going off (or staying home) for school. I hope the eye issues are soon behind you. I’m due for an appointment and your experience is nudging me along. All the best, Connie


  3. when is the cataract surgery scheduled? I had the left eye done back in July & the right eye three weeks ago, haven’t seen this clearly for half a lifetime, the edges of everything are so sharp and that yellow cast on everything is gone!


    1. So glad to hear you have had both eyes done!
      My surgery has been canceled twice … first in April due to Covid, then this month due to insurance … fingers crossed that the doc I see next week can schedule me in October …


  4. Firstly, rest assured prayers continue for all to be well before, during and after the procedure. Always a treat to witness your stitches which have been lovingly plied into something wonderful. Blessings to you and family. S


  5. what an uplifting post, I am referring to the images of your family and the quilt of course….the eye problems are a true bummer, but you still manage to bring joy and beauty, thank you Liz


  6. We shall send so many good vibes for your doctor’s visit next week – would be wonderful to get that surgery soon. All of those children are gorgeous, and I love the quilt. I can understand a sad farewell to the B side; but what a memory holder that A side is! Best to you as you wait. Waiting is hard.


  7. First day of school photos, a ritual of family, of life and I could have sworn I commented on this very special blog entry but maybe only in my mind… these photos hold such poignancy given our times. These first day of school photos are special beyond words, to see all of your grands, even little Ellis and then the last photo of your daughter, to see her devoting herself to one of the noblest professions, is a heart, hope filled feeling.

    Your quilt holds the color of life and I can just imagine seeing it in all of its glory, side A, side B, hidden, tucked under flannel but still, it is there to be felt. Holding healing thoughts for your eye surgery; may it all go smoothly but know that while your eyes may not see as sharply or clearly as they should, your creative vision has always been clear, strong, inspiring, beautiful and wondrous.


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