Making up for lost time

Last week was such a loss … kids and grandkids left town on Sunday, July 5th and the house became eerily quiet. Then, Tuesday night, I was hit with a GI bug that left me six pounds lighter the following morning. Miserable.

A call to the doctor’s office revealed “it’s probably not Covid … something’s going around.” Oh well, at least we’re pretty good at quarantine these days. It’s a heckuva way to lose vacation weight, though.

Anyway, I was feeling much better by Friday. Better enough that Debbie Carroll‘s monthly newsletter inspired us to venture out for our first retail therapy session in four months (masks on, of course).

We headed to the Assemblage Contemporary Craftsman Gallery in Buda (one whole mile from our house) …

to look at the painting Last Light.

Long story short, after learning that it depicts Abiquiu, New Mexico (which we visited in 2014), we were sold and Last Light came home with us …

It has since been featured on Debbie Carroll’s Facebook

and Instagram pages …

Because, as I recently commented on Lyn Belisle’s blog, life is short and it simply makes us happy.

12 thoughts on “Making up for lost time

  1. A wonderful piece indeed Liz! I like Carroll’s style, the southwest and how well it fits into your home. Life is to be enjoyed.


  2. “Last Light” is lovely indeed….sort of O’Keefeian, even without the Abiquiu reference. I’m so sorry you were ill (I always blame the children) but its good to see that you have recovered enough to go out in search of beauty.


  3. Ah, this art piece has found the perfect home! A wonderful experience for your maiden journey after quaranteeming. Enjoy…looking forward to seeing it in person. Blessings!


    1. it has taken me back to our New Mexico days … and her social media postings of process have Don trying a new way of painting to very good effect


  4. Hi LA – sorry to hear about your bug – drastic way to lose weight!!! Last Light looks like it will bring a lot of light and joy into your house – and a great way to support artists in these times. Go well. B


  5. I love those moments of heart exchange when a work just says I’m yours! It is so perfect for where it now hangs. So sorry about your gastro bug – what a washout. But glad you’re on the mend. And yes to the After Times…


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