I’ll be back

Many folks consider the back of a cloth the “wrong” side, but I’ve been endlessly fascinated by the back as a “good” thing … which is probably why I have close to 100 B-side posts.

Those of you who know me will therefore find it unsurprising that my most recent projects are designed to have two B-sides.

First, this recently completed table runner …

made with random strips …

of thrift store linen blouses …

that can run warm or cool depending on my druthers.

Likewise the big-cloth-in-progress, stitched Deb Lacativa style

with the names of our grandkids, “front” …

and “back,” making it totally reversible …

But it’s got a long way to go yet …

and since our family is getting together this coming week, both cloth and blog will be getting short shrift.

So, I’ll see you on the other side of the full moon … when I’m guessing there may be a few pictures to share.

26 thoughts on “I’ll be back

  1. What a delightful table runner! So good to see something beautiful these days! Enjoy family time. Love ya.


  2. Enfolded in names of grandchildren will make for some sweet dreaming…

    Table runner is terrific and I love that it has two sides befitting what you put on the table, cool summer salads, rip roaring spricy BBQ, it’s all good, it’s all made by hands and heart.


  3. Everything here is so lovely Liz. I like seeing your place…your house screams home! Enjoy your family.


    1. we hugged and ate and talked and laughed and swam … needing nothing more than to be together, we did nothing else … it was everything


  4. may all of you stay well and find both peace and comfort in this visit. Your work is always lovely and so infused with your love of family but this piece is extra-infused. Love your font stylings a lot!


  5. Nice table runner! and how intricate and layered your big quilt is becoming. Have fun with your family.


  6. Loving how your large quilt is coming along Liz. That bottom edge piece you created is so very organic and beautiful! It’s so much fun to see you build and create your pieces. And what gorgeous ceramic pieces too!


    1. thank you on all counts … we are pretty firmly in the small ceramic school of collecting budget-wise, but each piece gives outsize pleasure


  7. Liz, I love your two-sided cloths. And adding the little ones names is such a beautiful way of honoring♡
    Enjoy your family time. Its really all that matters, isn’t it? Haven’t seen any of mine since the middle of February…can’t take a chance on getting the littles sick.

    Ps…bless your heart for adding my (now defunct) blog to your sidebar. I was very touched to see it there♡ I would remove it though, for your security. All my computer-y/phone-y stuff was hacked, i’ve no idea how these things linger
    Be safe. Xx


    1. Our reunion was a calculated risk … we had all sheltered for months without illness and dared to take a chance on being together. Who knows if and when we’ll be able to do so again

      So sorry to hear you were hacked … I was very much looking forward to seeing your writing


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