Wednesday is house cleaning day, so I found myself rushing #crayonuary30 … settling for just coloring in the counties we’ve driven through or to in our travels through Oklahoma for the past ten years while trying out yet another new set of crayons …

You’ll notice it doesn’t look much like Oklahoma … the panhandle being noticeably absent. But much as Grace encountered yesterday, I’m having a bit of trouble fitting stuff onto the page. Ah well …

I didn’t do more than copy Acey’s Prompt #7:

Reverse yesterday’s prompt.  Find a collage piece that expresses the essential you perfectly.

Use it in a way that speaks to an important part of yourself that has rarely/never been included in the way you’ve used this type of image in the past.

Then I got to work cleaning the kitchen and bathrooms while letting the prompt work its magic in my mind. After lunch and a minor water leak occasioned by my failure to properly secure the washing machine drain trap (serves me right for being too fastidious), I finally started pulling collage stuff together.

My sister-in-law had recently sent some things from my parents’ former home: a watercolor portrait of my grandmother, seen here with the christening gown that she, my mom, my daughters and I all wore …

Then there was a photo of my family at Wade’s Beach on Shelter Island in 1964 (I’m the squinty 8-year-old who would soon thereafter be diagnosed with myopia) and a 1937 National Geographic about Colonial Williamsburg, where I worked for two decades …

Diane also sent some counted cross stitch pieces that I did in my twenties, including this one of the Geddy House in CW … the poor thing was mounted in Masonite, smashed against glass and then glued into a frame …

Casting about for one last essential thing, I pulled out this almost done family sampler and started putting my HP printer/copier/scanner to work …

Following Acey’s prompt was easy since I’ve never copied and used any of my stitching in a collage before, but what was really new to me was putting together so many disparate elements into a coherent whole …

And once I did, it turned out to be too large for the journal …

But as you can see peeking behind the original, my HP also has a reduce/enlarge function …

Another day in the book …

20 thoughts on “Essentially

  1. Very cool! As it turns out I’m getting the prompts here because when I tap the link on Acey’s website on my phone, nothing comes up. Genius to reduce the images. I often find that doing so adds to the sharpness somehow. It never would’ve occurred to me to answer the prompt with biographical images. We’ll see what I come up with! I love your crayon markings.


    1. It was pure serendipity that my SIL sent what she did recently … and yes, the collage looks “tighter” in its reduced form. I’m fortunate to have some cool tools at hand. Now I just need to get my new photo box set up (a gift from my daughters!)

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  2. I love how much you personalized this prompt with the lovely heirloom inclusions. Also wonder if working with such personally meaningful items made it easier for you to ‘put more stuff on the page’ in order to shape its story to your ultimate satisfaction.


  3. Love seeing all of this history and learning more bits about you! I can see how having access to a printer and other resources enhances your artistic abilities! You brought up many thoughts of my own history and stitching past.
    J. was born in Norman, OK!


  4. This is just lovely for it holds the essence of you Liz for you are so much about family and honoring and cherishing family memories. So lovingly fits the prompt.


  5. Wow. I love how all thESE precious pieces arrived in your life again, and then how they formed the basis for such personal expression. It holds together so well – but I guess that makes sense given its origins, and must be comforting and make you feel integrated and whole! I like the reduction onto the page as well and hope you enjoy your caran d’arches; I LOVE mine!


    1. I’m of two minds about the reduction … on the one hand, it’s much tidier, but on the other, it has lost the rough edges that speak to my thoughts and feelings as it came together


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