So much

I wanted to loosen the grandkids up before taking a “smile” picture in front of our new home.

“Be lions,” I said. So they were …

And really, it’s always the crazy pictures I like best. But there were many …

many …

many, many, many more …

And to think these are just the ones I liked best. Not to mention the videos and the pictures taken by other family members.

Goodness, how did we have time to cook, eat, play, and talk, let alone sleep? I guess it’s no great surprise that stitching didn’t happen … and was hardly missed.

16 thoughts on “So much

  1. Oh there was stitching, the invisible heart strings that tie a family together for there was fun, togetherness, merry moments, imagination abounding, love ever present and that is the quilt of family that never ends. If there is a more special way to begin 2020, than delving into these magical moments of you and your family, I don’t know what it could be…thank you Liz for sharing this with all of us.

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  2. A house of Love! They make great Lions and I always love the ‘out takes’! So, your new community has a pool? Nice. I think your move done you right! Blessings for the New Year to you and yours. xo


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