It’s a cloudy gray day, dark enough to need lamp light at noon. Not ideal for photography, but it helps with stitching …

I’ve got spirals on my mind, courtesy of this little being …

Deb’s threads add to the fun I’m having, just randomly split-backstitching on a store-bought towel …

And as so often happens, the back is as good or better …

Here’s to rainy days and B-sides …

17 thoughts on “Spiral-ing

  1. B side reminds me of the saying “back door guests are the best.” I’ve purchased cloths and towels to do the same thing. Thanks for reminding me. Blessings.


  2. i smile…looked at latest B sides and oh, Lordy. I love them but they are just wild
    Deb’s thread is a never ending pleasure


    1. this has been such a sweet short project … I’m only doing a handful of cups in hopes that the recipient might continue stitching it in the future


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