Time to move on

The cloud on the cover is not quite what I had imagined …

but time is running short. And I do love the lettering …

worked with Deb Lacativa threads, as so much of this book is …

If only the camera could reproduce what my eye is actually seeing.
It can’t. Oh well. 
At least there’s the Hazel Monte-inspired  moon to soothe me …

I need to finish … this and three more cloths (for end “papers” and a back cover). Finish in time to make books for Christmas.
On deadline … no pressure (ha!)

So, this byline shot is a bit closer to the actual color …

16 thoughts on “Time to move on

  1. Magical in every sense of the word, joy and love on every page- a beautiful gift that will be a treasured family heirloom; a most special joy that you have shared the making of this with all of us Liz.


  2. Fiona – thank you … I seem to do much better when I just let my needle wanderSue – oh yes, you're right … it does look like abalone. Deb Lacativa's threads are so amazing.


  3. Nancy – thank you, but I must confess to terrible-ish printing and handwriting. Strangely, though, when I write in cloth (usually with erasable marker, but sometimes in ultra fine permanent ink), somehow the letters transform under my needle. I can’t explain it, but I am grateful to Jude for giving me the gumption to try, otherwise I never would have discovered this paradox.


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