Secondary education

I wanted to play with secondary colors today: orange, green, and purple …

So I used my rust-dyed muslin along with green-dyed damask (from Ulrike aka Nemo Ignorat) …

and wild peace threads from Deb Lacativa (my preferred go-to of late) …

One of these will be flying to Mo’s friend Liz in Australia, while others are headed to Julie in England, Pam in Colorado, Sarah in Missouri, and Kendall in Texas.
I also called my members of Congress to leave a comment about the proposed tax reform. Unlike past calls, this time I reframed my explanation of how health care has impacted our budget and how tax reform will add a further burden. I told them that we live on x number of dollars from pension and IRA income, but that it costs us an additional 35-50% to pay for our health insurance and potential out of pocket deductibles … that 35-50% is counted as taxable income, which is only partly relieved by itemizing our deductions. The new tax reform proposal would wipe out the health care deduction. And the failure of Congress to reform health care will likely increase our premiums and/or deductibles next year.
“Wow,” said one staffer on the other end of the line. “Can I get your name and phone number? Someone on our policy team might want to get back to you for more information.”
I don’t know that our story will make a whit of difference, but if enough of us tell our stories maybe, just maybe, we might begin to change minds … 
speak your truth

Meanwhile, I’m beginning to see these shreds of cloth thoughts as a new daily practice … responses to Mo’s call to stitch for our beautiful broken world.

7 thoughts on “Secondary education

  1. Susan – Thanks for coming by … please let me know if you have a blog or other web presence so I can look in on your flagAs for no one listening … I'm thinking that cumulatively, activists this year have indeed effected some change. I dare to hope!


  2. Mo – thank you for the words … they are cloth-shred boundAnna Lisa – thanks for the encouragement … I loved your trio of rolling stones btw


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