I miss Grace. And I’m sure I’m not alone in wandering over to Windthread, even knowing she’s no longer there. The Rolling Stones song Wild Horses plays in my mind’s ear. Grace always did say she liked Mick Jagger.

Surely she has made her way home to The Hill by now. Tay and Tazmeena and the goats exploring. Grace and Emrie getting acquainted, at long last. A family reunited.
So while waiting for word, this cloth unexpectedly demanded to be made …

Grace will surely approve of the glue stitching that has bound these Texas-dyed cloths together with Deb Lacativa’s hand dyed harem cloth backing. 
I’ll let you know what becomes of it.


We’ve enjoyed many house guests this year. In order to show why we’ve fallen in love with Texas, we take them on whirlwind journeys to favorite haunts and we’ve-been-meaning-to-see sights.

So it was that we found ourselves at Uncommon Objects
(sadly no longer on South Congress Avenue in Austin) where we scored an old Post Office box door. It’s been sitting in the garage since last spring, biding its time until the perfect assemblage opportunity presented itself.  
It didn’t take long. Don is now in the process of creating a piece to honor our upcoming 40th wedding anniversary. The PO box door was a perfect fit. But what to put in the window?
After poring over old photos, we decided some rust dyed cloth and stitch might be a better fit …

Can’t wait to show you where it ends up …