When I stitch, I ponder. And wanting to be present to the fire dangers faced by those in California, I wanted to stitch metta …

I learned about metta from Grace, but hadn’t (yet?) made it a personal practice. So I looked online to learn more. And found variations, which freed me to put words together in different ways. 
Recently gifted with two hand-dyed linen cloths (more about that someday soon), I decided to use both. One a soft coral madder, the other a flinty logwood. They brought to mind sunrise and ash clouds. 
Deb Lacativa’s threads evoked both sun-tinged clouds and fire-rimmed hills … the browns and greens of tall trees … the quenching gift of water …
And as often happens, the back became as important to me as the front. 
I don’t know where I’m headed with this. It may be just the making of it is all that it needs to be. So I will continue to stitch and hope for the safety of all on Grace’s hill … for the health and happiness of those who surround it … and ease for us all on this day that commemorates peace.

Let your peace flag fly

Please note: we are playing with our grandkids for the next week, so I won’t be responding to comments and/or email for now. The new project will re-commence next week, but you are welcome to comment any time!

Today is the International Day of Peace, a fitting time to start a new take on last year’s Peace Pin Project.

This time around, I’m sending shreds of repurposed linen clothing stitched with words of peace …


miniature peace pin/flags inspired by Fiona Dempster’s Daily words …


which you can find in her shop. My goal is to send all of her words out into the world paired with peace.
If you wish to receive one of Fiona’s words and a miniature peace pin/flag, please leave a few words of peace in a comment at the end of this post
And then, please send your current mailing address to (even if you think I already have your address, it is ever so much easier if you send it to me in an email as I’m somewhat scattered).

There is no catch and no charge. It is my humble way of spreading a little bit of peace in a world that very much needs it. That said, if you wish to send me an email or link with a picture of where you hang your peace pin/flag once it arrives, I will happily post it in the Works in Progress page, found in the sidebar to the right.


And here, as a perfect example, is Marti’s peace pin from last year …

Earth Prayer
made of cloth hand-dyed with plants gathered from her land in New Mexico
May it soon be joined by new images of this year’s peace pin/flags. 

Hmmm … did I ever post this?

So I was scrolling back through my pictures looking for something else when I stumbled across this …

It was a Christmas 2016 gift, the quote taken from a t-shirt much admired (and aspired to) by its recipient. I think I held off posting until it was received … ah well, better late than never.
So, a bit of recycled patchplay for your viewing pleasure and mine as we are soon headed to the island alluded to in the quote. I’m counting the days …
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