Home again

Last week we had the third annual Girls’ Weekend in St Louis to celebrate Logan’s 19th birthday. This time I invited Don to crash the party so we could host a family dinner at 801-FISH …

There also might have been some shopping and beverages along the way …

And then PopPop and I got to stay for the rest of the week to hang out with Jackson and Jace …

I even got in a little bit of stitching … two Glennis moon cabins, courthouse steps style …

Now I can’t wait to go back this spring to help the boys break in their new pool! If we’re lucky, we’ll get to fly out of the Infinity Gate at the Austin Airport again …

But as Dorothy once said, in the end there’s no place like home.

20 thoughts on “Home again

  1. Lovely tradition and by the looks of the happy faces, all had a wonderful time. Logan at 19; I can still see a blog post of her much younger self, during Halloween when her Mom had an idea for a costume and she had another! Belated Happy Birthday to Logan.

    I have to say that seeing the fantastic pool under a cloudy grey sky just sent shivers, but come summer, how great for all of you…


  2. Oh how wonderful to see the family gathered together to celebrate Logan. And to get to stay the week with the boys…grand! I’m sure you both treasured this time together. The pool will be a welcome treat come summer. I really like the red moon block and the stitches that show 🙂 Those signs are a real hoot!


  3. Spending time with family is the best .. thanks for sharing pictures. Loving your moon log cabin blocks. Since Grace started posting her log cabin blocks I’ve been wanting to make some here. Have a few others that need to be finished first. I always find the best part of coming home is sleeping in my own bed .. no place like home!!


    1. It’s interesting how this larger cloth came together … blues and blue greens, reds and rust reds … perhaps not surprising as the cloth I had on hand was in colors I love


  4. aaahhhh Family Time;-)
    those blues are fanatastic and I really like that middle piece of fabric with the multicoloured circle-Moon


    1. it’s always fun when comments come in while I’m on the laptop … a conversation in real time …

      and yes, that multi-colored moon from Glennis was/is extra special … it will greet me each night when I turn back the covers to go to bed


      1. hahhaha, yes sort of real time get together, what is the time over at yours? here it’s 14.47

        that is a wonderful thought Liz


        1. It’s 9 in the morning here … just finishing my coffee and getting ready to head out to the Natural Gardener to get tomato plants for our garden … life is so very good … wishing you a lovely afternoon …

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