Back in my happy place

I’m on my sixth or seventh skein of Deb’s threads, happily stitching my way across a sea of hope …

And wow, that one patch of Deb’s dyed damask makes me think of Hazel’s sailing ships … imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, even when unintentional.

We’ve actually been away … an overnight trip to the little town of Brenham

We stayed at the Main Street House

wandered around the historic district

had a great dinner at Las Americas

and wished some other intriguing places had been open when we wandered by …

Sadly, the new normal in Bed & Breakfast land appears to be serve-yourself breakfast … a change from the toothsome offerings served at a common table in pre-Covid days.

Still, it was good to be venturing out in the world again … and then return home to blue skies and new leaves pushing old leaves off the live oak trees …

a sure sign of spring!

26 thoughts on “Back in my happy place

    1. Classic Texas county seat … a courthouse surrounded by early 20th century buildings that have been recently converted to shops, eateries, and galleries … murals are de rigueur


  1. Hi LA – great to get away at times to be refreshed and also reminded of caring for ourselves. I love the double herring bone stitching in the first photos – lovely movement. Beautiful new buds and blue sky. Go gently. Barry


  2. So much fun to travel vicariously with you and Don. And what a cool little town. that antique store with all the chairs in front looked really interesting. I would have made a bee line for it. And the Food, OH MY!


  3. What a lovely little trip, quite restful and ymm on the spicy nachos…wasabi mayo and siracha !

    Brenham is known as the birthplace of Blue Bell Ice cream and I remember a drive to eat some good ice cream at the ice cream parlor. They used to give tours for a fee on weekdays but you could stand on he observation deck for free. Some controversy a few years ago so I am not sure if they still have tours. Oh about the ice cream: Rich had Dutch Chocolate and I had Pistachio Almond. Any ice cream with nuts is my favorite.


    1. I’m a huge fan of wasabi mayo … which was overshadowed by the siracha … but the tuna was the star for sure, with perfectly toasted flour tortillas playing a supporting role

      And you’re correct … no more tours at Blue Bell after the listeria fiasco … the fridge at the B&B was well stocked and Don did sample some … for breakfast!


  4. Oh how wonderful .. I so looked forward to our little get aways always coming home so relaxed. Miss it! Your stitching is coming along having Debs threads never fails to add additional beauty to every stitch. Sending Blessings ..


    1. I’ve been “heathering” Deb’s threads … combining strands from two different skeins … it’s magical to watch the colors come up different in each stitch


  5. lovely trip Liz, and always something to look forward to: coming home;-)
    your stitching is amazing!


  6. Mini breaks are the the best! And the depth and movement you are achieving with that herringbone stitch is just so good. Ahhh the turning of the world and Spring heads your way as ours gets cooler and closes in for a bit…


  7. What a fun change of scenery! I would like to ramble around that little town too.
    Your stitching is really beautiful and I like your use of two different threads together. I used commercial threads that way once….the eye blends them easily into another color.


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