That’s done!

No, not the bed cloth … I finished my income tax return … and we are getting a modest refund (I don’t want to give them free use of my money for any longer than necessary).

So I’m treating myself to a before-lunch blog post … while noting that overall I’ve been very pleased with blogging after lunch.

My Heart’s Compass proceeds apace …

the changes most likely not very noticeable, but that’s the nature of working in cloth, especially when stitching by hand.

As ever, I do love the other side …

and can see where I might finish the moon cabins soon …

although maybe not today as we have a special visitor coming this afternoon.

8 thoughts on “That’s done!

  1. taxes, yes, I have reigned in the refund idea. I try to come out even, getting there, getting used to how my retirement income is taxed. I love to see a cloth growing, spilling over.


  2. So beautiful the moon blocks are with the many shades of blue .. sometimes it is totally worth taking one’s time before deciding what direction your fabric wants to take. Absolutely Beautiful!!


    1. I appreciate your view, given your ways of working color magic … I’ve always loved denim blue, so this bed cover is a wonderful reflection of that


  3. LA – great to hear your getting a little tax back – as always I love the thought and design that goes into even your humblest of pieces. Makes one wonder who the special visitor was. B


    1. there will be pictures to come of our littlest grandgirl … although not nearly as many as I had hoped as we got into the swing of the visit and left the phone camera pretty much untouched … fortunately, we are planning on weekly visits, so there will be more opportunities


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