Biting the bullet

I have agonized over this … wondering if it will work …

finally took a deep breath and basted the large moons to the flannel …

then tore strips of Malka’s gorgeous blue linen and started to stitch log-cabin-style around each Glennis moon …

I have no idea how it will work with the angles … my fingers are crossed.

11 thoughts on “Biting the bullet

  1. Thank you, thank you. I am near the point where I have loads of components and want to fit them together into a whole cloth. Process methods are so welcome ! My first piecing adventure !


  2. Hi Liz, welcome back. I’ve missed seeing you and your blog adventures.
    I’m still stitching and photographing and trying to lead an intentional creative life 😉
    Love all the juicy projects you are sharing 💕


  3. Liz I didn’t know you did Glennis’ moons, me too! And like you I have been agonizing with how to deal with them. I adore your idea of log cabining around them. And in addition I’ve been embroidering a few bunnies in a couple of the moons too. But now I sort of wish I wouldn’t have. ha ha Oh well. Would you mind it I copied your log cabin idea? It just makes them pop so nicely.


    1. I still have all the silk ones … putting them on the bed cover didn’t seem like a good idea … someone suggested making books a while back … that might be a good mini-project … hmmmm


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