Each day many small things

New note: issues continue with the so-called “gallery” pictures in most, but not all, posts.

I just added a blog to the list of Kindred Spirits in the original version of I’m Going to Texas. The author is Paula Kovarik and she recently wrote about her process of patching a cloth together.

Fascinating … and so not me. I’d never have the patience to lay out all those pieces and then put them all together at the end. But also a wicked bit of synchronicity, as I had just finished writing my thoughts in hopes of finding my way to a new piece of patchplay (transcribed below to save you from having to decipher my handwriting) …

Thinking it through: what do I most like to do?

  • tear cloth into random width strips
  • seam folded edges together with whip stitch
  • embroider small patches to hold memory and meaning
  • “quilt” two layers together with Texas Two-step (aka combination stitch)
  • use up thread nest/scrap bin cuttings (aka piece/peace basket, per Sue McQ)

How it might go

  • tear white linen 20” x 40” (or whatever size I end up choosing)
  • turn edges and secure with tailor’s herringbone stitch
  • begin piecing strips of patches, leaving edges raw
  • periodically lay out the strips on linen, turn edges under to finish, leave raw edges to be covered by subsequent rows (pseudo-Kawandi)
  • “quilt” strips with Texas Two-step
  • embroider “whenever”

More thoughts —

  • gather patches into “end of project” groupings
  • appliqué and/or quilt to add detail, variation
  • moons from Glennis (maybe too fragile?)
  • couching strips of seams (like the stitching chair) as part of deconstructing shirts in the cloth bins (I have a lot of thrift store clothing that needs to be broken down)

So maybe a table cloth a la Jude? But now I’m doing the math and thinking, hmmm … the dining room table is 10 feet long by 3 feet wide … plus another foot or so all around for the overhang. Maybe I should just get back to finishing our bed cloth instead …

Of course, if I had planned ahead I wouldn’t be stitch-wrapping all the raw edges. But after considering Judy Martin’s Not To Know But To Go On, I figured yes, I can do this … however long it takes.

I also did some birthday card crafting a la Paul Klee for soon-to-be 8 year old Jace (and yes, it does look like it says “18”) …

And I decided I want to revive my original blog practice of posting successful food forays, much like this one titled Salad Days from 2009. I can’t hope to rival Deb G’s food photos, but for the record here’s today’s lunch, which I’m calling Waldorf My Way …

Of course, I forgot to include the scallions in the first picture and the mayo in the second picture. Nonetheless, this new version sans apples was an improvement on my memories of the Waldorf Salads of the 1960s that were dressed with straight mayo and included raisins (sorry, not a fan). Making a fresh vinaigrette with just a bit of mayo for creaminess was a good substitution.

29 thoughts on “Each day many small things

  1. Well, this is a lot of many good things! Went back to the 2015 post and the Texas two step looks like Morse Code-up close and like Matzoh from a far (pic #7)!!
    I find it interest to read your process. Thank you for typing it out as none of the pics in this post would enlarge and my eyes are so bad these days.
    As for lunch…I like raisins, don’t like/eat mayo! To each their own 🙂


    1. Ugh … whyyyyy are the blog gods doing this to me? I don’t understand why a blog function that was perfectly fine randomly stops working.

      Okay … I’m done whining. I have no idea why the click to enlarge function isn’t working and a quick search for a solution wasn’t helpful. Maybe some other Word Press users can provide some insight.

      And yes, to each their own … I always have raisins in the house because my grandkiddos love ‘em.


          1. a series of “Happiness Engineers” have taken a crack at it … seems like they finally found the solution … now I just have to put back the pictures in the latest post that somehow vanished along the way


  2. HI LA – as you say many days are made up of many small things – and not always the way or the ones one planned – rich tapestry of life I hear you say!!!! Go well B


  3. So many treasures in this post! Glorious to see so much process and thought pattern, and of course the Klee-inspired design appeals to me enormously. I use the two-step for most seaming (without having named it, but also with the two steps forward one step back thing in my head). So much affinity here.


    1. I’ve been having a lot of fun with Klee inspired lettering on birthday cards for my grandkiddos this year … so it’s no surprise that your Klee posts have been an especial favorite

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  4. I was going to suggest Judy Martin and her way of making…….. Just a few strips a day of whatever is around- and following her lead–I collected small bags of floss at Goodwill and small bags of sewing scraps from Goodwill. the final piece was small and very odd and not me at all but I learn quite a bit……….and the challenge of thread and cloth not being what I was used to……..mind blowing.


    1. I have collected so many bits and pieces in the past eight years … now the challenge is to use what I have

      and I’m so tempted to go to Laurel, Mississippi to see Judy Martin’s “Not to know but to go on” … but it’s over 600 miles and my eyes no longer allow for long distance driving … sigh


      1. I am much farther away but to SEE that work…would reset us…wouldn’t it. but just try a small 9 by 11inch piece….to give it a try. I tried the strips and the floss once. but didn’t have enough of either at the time. Now I do but my dog is dead…and he sat with me as I sewed for all those years. I still mourn his lost……..like an arm is missing.


      2. My work looked nothing like hers- even if it was supposed to……..different choices. different stitches. Try as we might…..we can’t copy.

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  5. For several months, I have had a cloth pinned consisting of many pieces of dyed cloth, I guess you could say patches except that they are all sizes and shapes but nothing is very large. I name all of my cloths and this one is called, Holding Center but the thing is, I pin and re-pin but have yet to apply stitch…sometimes it is that way for me, a rush of story, then a settling down…on the other hand, there is something good about having a cloth waiting…I often think of it as having nuts stored for the winter…!

    Re Waldorf salad: my first encounter with this salad was the first Thanksgiving I spent as a married woman, having dinner with my husband’s brothers and their wives. their version of Waldorf salad consisted of fruit cocktail, miniature marshmallows and lots of whipping cream- yuk!!

    I’ve made my version of Waldorf salad with apples, celery, grapes but usually raisins, we love raisins and made many from the grapes that grew in our other Rio Rancho home. Walnuts or pecans are a must and I make a dressing of a smidge of mayo, a couple of T of Greek honey yogurt , all sprinkled with cinnamon. Your version with lettuce blend and feta and your tangy and tasty dressing is one that I want to try and yes, to your posting more of your wonderful recipes.


    1. How much canned foods are a part of my early food memories … sad because I swore for years that I hated peas, not realizing how wonderful they are when fresh … so now you have me thinking I may be missing something … I’ll have to see if I can make some raisins to experience the trueness of them

      Sadly, my lactose intolerant stomach no longer tolerates yogurt, which I love and miss, along with cold glasses of milk … the good news is I can still eat most cheeses and ice cream (as long as it’s all cream and no milk … lucky me 😉)

      Last and best, it sounds like Holding Center is true patchplay … like dancing in cloth


  6. Ooh Liz ,that card for Jace. Love it! is that watercolor you used. The intensity of the colors are fabulous!


  7. Such great colors you picked for the card … you sure are one multitalented lady. Thank you for sharing your recipe went back and looked at your other salads and dresses all look so fresh and delicious .. yummy yummy in my tummy I won’t miss the farmers market this weekend. Whatever you end up working on next I’m sure it’ll bring you joy in the making.


    1. I do enjoy salads and sometimes wonder why I don’t make them more often … in fact, we had a “clean out the fridge” salad that made for a great dinner two nights ago … hope you have a fun holiday weekend


  8. Not sure how I missed this post, but I did. 🙂 Waldorf salad, my version: apples, sour cream or yogurt for dressing (don’t like mayo), celery if there is some local, blue cheese and hazelnuts or walnuts. It’s important to figure out what we like and give it a try….food or stitching.


    1. I do love blue cheese and fruit … which brings to mind a funny story … my then-teenage daughter used to say she didn’t like blue cheese, adamantly refused to eat it … then came home one day in raptures over this wonderful new cheese she had tried and was sure I would love: Gorgonzola … ha!


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