Good times

I’m making this pillow top up as I go …

Which is to say, what else is new? Or more like “same old, same old,” as these were inspired by ancient petroglyphs from New Mexico …

In other news, we got to see Parker and her best friend in their first recital …

Last, but not least: G’s latest baseball win and P’s latest painting (which PopPop deemed worthy of framing) …

So yeah, it’s all good.

20 thoughts on “Good times

  1. A pillow that has no need for words of explanation for it simply and beautifully says, New Mexico: Kokopelli, corn, spirals, road runner, it’s all here…

    Sigh… such sweet special family moments: Parker with her tutu and ballerina hair; her smile lights up the room as I’m sure her dancing did AND Griffin, grinning from ear to ear and why not, a trophy and his team, could any boy want more…well, maybe some cupcakes and ice cream!

    Parker’s painting is worthy of a “guest showing” in the Ackert Art Gallery.


    1. I have an of southwestern petroglyphs and just randomly sketched one after the other … the result feels very much like the rocks at La Cieneguilla made me feel


  2. Liz~ I showed J. the petroglyphs. He said, “Cool”. I agree! 🙂
    Love the family happenings, that are so filled with joy and love. Enjoy your Grandma days!!


    1. the stitches feel wonderful under my fingers … somewhat hard to see, but that makes them like the petroglyphs we saw in Santa Fe …


  3. LA – so much beauty to remind us of beauty and love even when we are beset with evil. Love and peace to you, yours and Texas. B


    1. I don’t even know where to start after the latest school shooting in Uvalde … there is something profoundly broken in and about America


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