Always we begin again

I wanted to do another pillow cover, this time with something I don’t usually use: all new cloth from Stitch in Dye, gifted by Meg last Christmas. The colors were reminiscent of New Mexico, so I tore strips and patches and began to baste them down with thoughts of the petroglyphs at La Cieneguilla in Santa Fe …

But it looked too orderly compared to the real thing …

So I started over …

And will see where it takes me …

23 thoughts on “Always we begin again

  1. LOVE this!! Reminds me of my “Talking Rock” project I stitched on a couple years ago ( a lifetime ago/pre-pandemic!!) while visiting my sister in Phoenix AZ!


  2. I thought of rocks and cliffs as the first photos came through, but yes, you’re right, the angles of turned pieces definitely adds more, as will your beautiful, stitched marks. Seeing photos of all that is going on with your family is always Joy-Full.


  3. I think you on to it now! The SW and it’s beauty has such a native rugged feeling and gorgeous beauty. Years since I’ve been to the New Mexico scene. Can’t wait to see the finale. 🦎🐾🌄


    1. the first version may re-appear on the other side of the pillow … but the first time around I didn’t overlap the edges quite enough, so I’ll be mindful of that the next time around … and yeah, that rusty red makes my heart happy


  4. Like Nancy I like both too. even tho the first one is less like the photo, it is nice because it came from it in a way, you know, how one thing might become another. colors are so nice.


    1. I liked the first one, too … but I was having problems with the edges, so the second attempt was a way to overcome that

      Malka’s colors are great at triggering ideas


      1. Another example of how one thing becomes another! Design mending.
        Yes her colors are great. We were in the same issue of quilting arts way way way back. That is how I came to know her dyeing and quilting.

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  5. Hats off to you and Don for nurturing artistic skills in the kids! A gift that keeps on giving. Congrats to all the successes, hard work and determination of Melissa – applause. Lovely, loving, photos. Blessings and Love from S&F


  6. Love to see you and your beautiful family’s celebrations. Really puts a smile on my face. It seems to me it’s much more about the colors than the positioning of the cloth pieces. Will be waiting to see your magic stitch transform this.


    1. thanks Dee … I’m having fun with this one … and it feels like we are making up for lost time with all the family get togethers, yet another in the offing next month

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    1. there was so much happening it was hard to know where to begin … and we’re about to do it all again in a couple of weeks (fingers crossed) … and yes, Meg knows me well when it comes to colors


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