8 thoughts on “How the circle holds

  1. At 1:30 pm here in New Mexico, it is 7:30 am in Australia…on my altar, The *Illustrated Lyrics of Old Man Crow” and a beeswax candle lit, surrounded by the herb of remembrance, rosemary but in actuality, rosemary not needed for Old Man Crow, dear Rod, will forever be in our hearts. As his dear Mo scatters his ashes, in the special gardening places that they both worked on, his spirit dances in the wind and we hold Rod and Mo, in love….. …

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  2. Feeling strong & light hearted for the first time in ages, went for a walk to the Sydney Park Wetlands just before dawn, swallows were Roderick’s favourite birds and they danced around me as the sun came up, I was reassured he is in a better place. Then came home and listened to all his recordings and looked through a box of songwriting notebooks going back to 1965, such a brilliant funny joyous man, feel so lucky to have shared so many years with him!

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    1. Mo – thank you for sharing this with all of us … yesterday I saw a swallow perched momentarily in the oak tree next door … in future sightings, I will remember Rod


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