“he’s free”

Looking Up took on new meaning this week as the moon waxed full. Our dear friend Mo has often written “fly free” for those who have departed this earth. Now we join with her in bidding farewell to Rod, known to us all as Old Man Crow.

And so, as this project continues and the months go by, especially when each full moon rises, I will continue to hold them in my thoughts … as will so many others in this community of kindred spirits.

January 14-16 … a beautiful dawn … a way to patch the wind … frost glittering in a tree …

plus the “windy much?” video …

and photos that inspired the patches …

January 17-19 … the full moon rising over rooftops … the waning moon setting … and a pre-dawn cloudy sky backlit by the moon …

with a successful moonrise photo on the left … no photo to be had for the moonset … and a less-than-satisfying photo of the pre-dawn cloudy sky on the right …

So I zoomed in on the second image and checked to see if any of the filters would improve the image to match what I had seen …

Obviously the camera and I had a significantly different view of the sky … though it does make me wonder what created that image out of the pixels.

27 thoughts on ““he’s free”

  1. LA – lovely way to remember and release OMC & support Mo – fits so well with the moon and stars. Love the windy thing – very cool. B


  2. Fly Free indeed. Beautiful Liz. There will be many around the globe holding Mo and Rod in our hearts.
    Love the whirly-gig and I sure don’t know what the camera was looking at!


  3. The patches, all so lovely dawn rising, wind direction, frost in the morning, moon glow- all so magical in scope but I come back to a patch made before Rod left us: the wind direction patch because it dances with movement… I can feel Rod, moving, dancing with his guitar, his voice in song, “Dance with me Darlin”, looking at his Mo, looking out and upward and notes of music, of love, of a life well lived, forever writ in the stars…


  4. “Fly Free” so perfectly said.

    I’m curious Liz, did you handdye the Beautiful Dawn patch? Or maybe you used those handy pencils then water?? It really caught my eye.


    1. that beautiful dawn cloth was a part of a gift of hand-dyed cloth from my one-time Hill Country neighbor Connie Akers … there’s a link to her Instagram account in the post, but I really do need to write an account of our good times together someday!


    1. which made me think of energy in its most basic form … the positive and negative aspects of each atom, in constant motion … the push and pull of matter, including the very air around us


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