What was I thinking?

It’s a new year and there are some new readers here, so I thought I’d do a little looking back … and then forward.

My original blog started out as a way to provide recipes for my newly-wed daughters and a record of our epic move from Virginia to Texas back in 2009.

It languished after a while, but found new life when I discovered Jude Hill’s Spirit Cloth in 2014. At that point the blog became a record of my stitch adventures interspersed with the joys of living in the Texas Hill Country and grandparenting six great kiddos (please note, those were two separate activities).

More recently, around the time of our move to the Austin suburbs, I migrated over to WordPress so I could more easily compose posts using my iPhone. However, I do still maintain the old blog, chiefly for its sidebar list of Kindred Spirits in Cloth …

Which brings me to the here and now. I’m currently trying to finish hand quilting a baby clothes coverlet for out youngest granddaughter, Ellis …

Even so, I’ve also got my mind working on a dormant work in progress: a bed cloth titled my heart’s compass. The base for one side is done and ready to be embellished …

but the middle and the other side have a long way to go …

and the top edge is completely blank, which is where my current patch-a-day project called Looking Up comes in.

I woke up at 4:00 this morning, my head buzzing with ideas for Looking Up. Why stack the patches into weeks and months when my days flow in one long, continuous stream? What if I just keep stringing the patches together until they span the width of the cloth?

And what if I just appliqué the resulting strip of patches onto my heart’s compass and then start another strip of patches, and then another and another until I have a whole year’s worth of Looking Up patches?

And what if I put this wonderful gifted batik cloth underneath the strings of patches, sorta like this?

Last, who am I trying to kid by not talking about the individual patches? Of course I want to tell their stories … although I think it might be better to tell them in clusters rather than individually.

So without further ado, here are the patches to date.

January 1-4 … the dawn of a new year … followed by three sunny, blue sky days (taken on my beloved soumak rug, which provides the backdrop for most of my photos) …

January 5-8 … two nights of the waxing crescent moon (called the banana moon in our family) as seen from the back porch … followed by two rainy days when only short glimpses of blue sky were possible …

January 9-12 … a mostly cloudy day … the appearance of the first quarter moon (aka the taco moon) … a golden dawn that brought the sad news of a dear man’s passing (rest in peace Adrien) … and Parker’s moon from this Wednesday …

And then (drum roll please) yesterday’s patch for Logan

who received an early acceptance letter from James Madison University, home of the Dukes and much beloved alma mater of her mom and her aunt.

To say going to JMU has been a life-long dream of Logan’s is not a stretch …

So I guess it’s appropriate that my golden gibbous moon (aka the lemon moon) in a perfectly purple sky looks more like a football …

Go Dukes!

[With thanks to Deb Lacativa for the artistry of her dyed damask and cotton cloth, not to mention her always amazing Dirty Threads]

22 thoughts on “What was I thinking?

  1. What a wonderful start to the new year, Go Logan! This is just the best news: A wonderful achievement. So I decided to research the Dukes of James Madison and found that their colors are purple and gold so of course, your patch of purple and gold:

    Two, Four, Six, Eight,
    Who do we appreciate
    Why Logan, who got into Duke
    And that’s no fluke!
    So off she will go to JMU
    Wishing her the best, we sure do!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. what with Meg and Logan’s mom both having gone to James Madison, purple and gold is a very familiar color combo … Logan definitely has a good head start on fan gear

      many thanks for the cheer


  2. Hi LA – after reading your blog pst this morning I am officially tired – there is so much creativity and also effort and love in it. In terms of the history of your blogging – F and I came across you when you were converting your desert block into a tiny oasis by getting rid of weeds and planting your stuff – and what a good and tough job that was. And of course who could forget those magnificent peace squares – still treasure them. Those squares have made all your other squares make sense – squares with meaning, power and love. And congrats to Logan – continuing the line. Love, peace and creativity. B


    1. ha! well, that’s nothing compared to cutting up massive pieces of rusted iron pipe!!

      more seriously, I too am glad we connected over peace all those years ago …


    1. fair warning: I generally change course at least two or three times over the span of a project … and yes, we’re all pretty excited about Lo’s acceptance


  3. Yay Logan!!! Congrats!
    this is a great idea for that space. When I clicked on the link to “my heart’s compass. ” – it brought me right back to this page instead.. Anyway, I love all the blues on that cloth.


    1. yep, since I tagged this post with the link for future searching you’ll need to scroll down a couple of posts to get to the earlier posts about my heart’s compass … and I definitely need to restock on blues (which may have been one of the reasons I stepped away from the cloth)


  4. I love those patches joining up into a long path. Coincidentally I’ve been thinking about making next year’s stitch journal something like that. Congratulations to Logan too!


    1. long rows of stitching seem to be my “thing” … do what you love, love what you do

      and thanks … high school graduation is going to be a very happy celebration of what’s next

      Liked by 1 person

  5. i love the evolving nature of my heart’s compass; and its combining with look up – a great blending. The sky and the moon are constant companions and it will be grand to see them along the top there. I am very much a bunch of ideas person, then choose one and keep on responding to what I see before me, so I enjoy your evolutionary approach as well.Congrats on Logan’s acceptance and its good to know you have heaps of fan gear!


    1. thank you … in my mind’s eye I see you in your faculty graduation gear … I know how much you love seeing seniors realize their dreams and head out into the world …


    1. thanks Deb … somehow, it was the process of writing the previous days’ post that finally got me headed in the right direction … one of the many reasons I love blogging … another being having a place to celebrate family


  6. Liz…Where do I begin to comment?! So much to admire. Your quilts, your approaches, Logan, oh my! You have been and remain an inspiration to me. Love!


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