Connecting threads

I recently found my way to Karen at Stitching Life via the sidebar on Jude’s Spirit Cloth. Karen’s current post, in which she replicates a bit of nineteenth-century pattern on 40-count silk, lit up the long-neglected synapses that connect the current me to the once-upon-a-time me. So I sent her a link to this image …

Then I actually read my post, which included this image …

and the words “I’m starting to wonder where my bit of even-weave cloth will end up.”

I suspect Mo is nodding her head as she surely knows where this is going. The tiny bit of linen ended up being 1.5″ to a side and I know that because I gave it away …

sent it to Mo in Australia along with a bit of rust dyed cloth, where she incorporated both into the Key Book

And the story might have ended there, except that Mo dreamed up I Dream of a World Where Love is the Answer, to which I responded. And somehow, in the course of that magical time, Mo gifted the Key Book to me

The pennant with Old Man Crow’s lyrics to I Dream of a World Where Love is the Answer, travelled to Australia, where it lives with Mo and Rod to this day …

The mended shell eventually returned home to Texas (where it subsequently became a part of a published book, which is a story for another day) …

and now sits on the same shelf as the Key Book

Last, but not least, here is one of Mo’s exquisite drawings from The Illustrated Lyrics of Old Man Crow, which arrived September 12, 2016. How do I know that? It’s all on the blog

19 thoughts on “Connecting threads

  1. What a beautiful bunch of meanderings and rememberings… And I think it also shows the amazingly deep and rich value of blogs. They pinpoin thtings in time – they have the photos your’e looking for and they have always been for me, a place of sharing. The threads that connect thru the interweb are strong.


    1. I thought at first the post was too complicated, but it is a true-enough record of how my mind moved through these rememberings … and yes, this is the value of blogs … so much richer than other platforms in making and holding connections


  2. This was quite moving to read: the threads that span the globe and connect us…the sharing that goes on collectively…and reaches into our very hearts. Thank you Liz, Karen, Mo and Rod. I too have Rod’s song book and the music, the lyrics and Mo’s incredible illustrations are such an incredible accomplishment and one of my favorite treasures.


  3. Reading this post along with the comments is proof positive .. It’s small world that just keeps getting smaller and smaller allowing us to all be connected.


  4. What a tale has been woven, knotted and stitched between kindred souls. Going back to see now (did I miss a lot of this the first go around?), really shows the true heart of creativity and maybe more important, of friendship. what a blessing! ❤️


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