Did you know Wednesday was Vanilla Cupcake Day?

I can’t tell you how useful my Sandra Boynton calendar has proved to be this past year. I may just have to get another for 2022.

Meantime, P and I made sure we celebrated the day in style …

Gifted to P on G’s birthday

15 thoughts on “Celebrate

  1. Parker looks quite pleased and the cupcakes look luscious. The sprinkles on the cupcakes echo the sand on the painting and since it is going to be a gift for her, double joy all around.

    Here in anticipation of getting my Covid booster, I took out some devil food cake that I made last week. I like to make a big 13x9x2 inch pan of cake , cut into portions and freeze. you never know when you might need cake and having just returned from getting my Covid booster, a cup of tea and a piece of chocolate goodness is just right.


    1. great idea … never thought to freeze extra cake rather than let it torture me sitting on the counter …

      and Parker took one look at Don’s assemblage in progress and correctly saw it as “beach” … that was all it took for him to gift it to her


    1. funny you should say that … I just had to adjust her car seat since getting her buckled in had become quite a challenge … sadly, we have to remain cautious since P is too young to be vaccinated, so we don’t get to take her out to as many places as we’d like …


  2. Gorgeous! I have just discovered this thing called a cupcake topper (over on Velma’s blog) and it had me in stitches. Who knew??? That calendar is brilliant – I love how it gives permission for a bit of fun and out of left field on certain days.


    1. cupcake toppers? I didn’t know (and how did I miss that on Velma’s blog?) … and yes, Sandra Boynton has been making me laugh ever since I discovered her “Hippo birthday, two ewes” cards in college over 40 years ago … I’m so glad she’s still creating!


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