And they’re off …

There’s a lot to be said for a rainy, chilly day as I whipped through making four half-log-cabin blocks yesterday. I’ll need a lot more before deciding on how best to arrange them …

Besides which, today I also want to try using more rows with narrower strips. Maybe even settle on a target size for the blocks … or not. Ha!

In any case, you may have noticed that Parker contributed a rainbow patch for E’s coverlet, made with Inktense pencils …

It was pure coincidence that this was what she was doing at pre-school …

I had fun explaining the making of her own coverlet to P as the fact that it was made with her baby clothes didn’t sink in back when she was only two. All she knew was “Nana made it” and that has been more than enough up until now …

I’m thinking hers will take on new meaning as she sees the making of E’s coverlet unfold.

– – – – – –

FYI: there’s also a new post on the art blog, which includes the question of which photo format is preferable (note: the endarkenment at the base is due to the blog captioning, not the photography 😉) …

16 thoughts on “And they’re off …

  1. Love x 2 on Ellis’s coverlet, made by Nana, with wonderful memories of Ellis’s clothes and one very special square designed by her sister Parker…truly a loving, “family” heirloom in all ways.


    1. I try not to be sad that P is no longer an abstract expressionist laying down one color after another for the sheer joy of it … she has moved on to making representational art, as she was bound to do … the good thing is she still loves the process of creating … I hope that never changes


  2. LA – love the intense look on P’s face and the gorgeous outcome to be part of the cover. So much more meaning when the generations understand where their piece came from and how they are creating that nurturing and security for another for the future – beautiful. Go well. B


  3. Love the rainbow addition! The coverlet’s meaning just grows with every addition; and through the years, as increasing understanding comes along and those comparisons between the fabric in a frock and the fabric in a quilt can be seen. I love how stitching enables us to embed history into our work by hand in a way some other mediums don’t.


    1. And by hand it is in more than one way … the picture of P in bed shows her hand laid on the stitched outline of my own hand … someday I dare to hope she might try stitching herself, maybe even love it as much as I do


  4. She is such a focused artist! And the ‘ding’ of her brush on the water glass…beautiful music. She has a great foundation in art and such inspiring role models, who knows how her own path will go. This will be one story & loved filled coverlet!


  5. she’s so lovely and as long as there’s enough paper and pencils about my guess is she’ll continue to create!
    our youngest started drawing and painting from a very early age and is now in college studying communication/multi-media-design and he still draws with pencil on paper!


    1. of our six grandkids (boy, there’s a phrase I never thought I’d utter), two are definitely more drawn to drawing than the others … it’s fun to encourage their creativity by giving them really good art supplies to work/play with


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