13 thoughts on “About time to put it all together

  1. Moon Myth is one of the most charming and wonderful creations; a treasure of a book for your grands. Way back in Nov. 2018, I made a comment to the effect that Moon Myth “won” the Caldecott award in 2019…that prediction still holds for the story and the creative expression of the words are simply incredible.

    Books of cloth, made with love, with words, or without, are magical. Today my twin daughters are 51 yrs old. We had flowers sent to them but I also made each one a little cloth booklet, no words, just my dyed cloths from foraged materials. Our girls loved their flowers but the booklets hold pride of place in their homes…Just as Moon Myth will hold pride of place in each of your grands homes. What we make with love and creativity are tangible expressions of our hearts and our love and to my mind, priceless..


    1. Happy birthday to your twins … and to you for the memories of that momentous day 51 years ago … I can well-imagine how they will treasure the gifts of your land and hands

      It has been interesting revisiting the text of Moon Myth … one of the things I struggled with was keeping Sun and Moon gender-neutral … if I were to revise it (which I’m not), I would happily use they/them/their


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