A sense of overwhelm

I am full to overflowing after our third journey to New Mexico. It will surely take a fair bit of time to tell it all here, but suffice it to say we hope go back someday …

In the meantime, I’ve decided to complete some unfinished projects, the better to clear the deck so I can get started on E’s coverlet.

And so, Remember 2021 will be retitled Remember (some of) 2021, as it will only cover January through July.

Next, I will finish putting Moon Myth together.

Then I plan to repurpose The Land as the Crow Flies as couch cushion backings.

And I am waaaay overdue on adding Parker and Ellis to the family sampler.

Ha! I wonder if I’ll ever get back to My Heart’s Compass?

Stay tuned …

22 thoughts on “A sense of overwhelm

  1. Welcome home but we sure hope you do come back for there is still so much to discover…Your photos are wonderful but it is the first photo, that shows so much joy: like to think that coming here was a much needed sojourn, a time to replenish and refresh so that when you returned home, you had a clear focus on the projects you wanted to do and it sure looks like you have…wonderful to have so many projects to keep you going this winter.

    Take your time in telling us your New Mexico stories, we are all so pleased that it was a good time for you both.


  2. i see these photographs and one word rose in my inner and outer vision….HOME.
    you went Home. N Mex will always and ever be Home for me i guess. I’m glad
    you were there. Liz went Home.


  3. LA – twas great you have been able to celebrate the beauty with each other – you are not going to be bored with all those winter projects!!! Go well. B


  4. Wow, this was so great to see today! All of that artwork…looks like you two belong there! And some of those hills & sky could be here in their look!


  5. Looks like you have some beautiful stories to share! I’m wondering about the dangling mobile photo on your other blog. Hooray for knowing when to let go so that you can move on. Very good news about Moon Myth!


    1. the dangle was hanging outside at our Santa Fe casita … they had local art for sale in each unit that you could buy and take home (which I didn’t do, but it was a fun concept)


  6. So big and bright and beautiful! And a renewed passion for sorting and focusing on projects – always good to stop for a bit and re-evaluate what is what…


  7. Looks like you had a great time! I find travel very overwhelming at this point. Maybe not used to it, or maybe getting old and more interested in my local surroundings. I like how you list your projects. I have too many in progress…


    1. I hear you loud and clear about travel in these Covid times … fortunately, we are fully vaccinated and also got the Pfizer booster … we also mask up and keep our distance as much as possible … last, New Mexico folks take Covid precautions very seriously, which was an added reassurance

      I confess to wanting to get in as much travel as possible while I’m still young enough (65) to enjoy it … already I am finding long-haul driving to be too much, so we flew and rented a vehicle on the other end


  8. Santa Fe and Taos, two of my favorite places in the whole world! Can’t wait to see more of your photos and hear more about your trip.


    1. Ahhh … thank you Faith … my goal is to get it stitched together by Christmas so the grandkiddos can put their hands on it … fingers crossed … I think I can I think I can I think I can 😉


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