Happy trials to you

I’ve sampled all but two of the 24 Inktense color blocks (choosing to forego two of the three black blocks for now). Each sample swatch has one color combined with the remaining 23 colors. The first swatch in the upper left corner is white combined with every other color. By comparison, the last swatch in the lower right corner is every color by itself …

Note: the painted area of each swatch is 3” x 2”

The swatches above have not yet been rinsed and ironed. Instead, I decided to test out hand-rinsing the Inktense on scraps that were painted with the leftovers from the sampling process. Here’s what they looked like after rinsing and ironing …

The old pillowcase that I put on the ironing board tells the tale: the dyes ran, but not as badly as I feared. And no great surprise, the darks, reds, and yellows were the worst offenders …

Here’s a closer look, arranged by the “What if I wet the cloth and let the Inktense bleed?” trials …

The “What if I paint blocks of color with leftover dye?” trials …

And the “What if I try to freehand stripes?” trials …

Gotta love “What if … ?”

18 thoughts on “Happy trials to you

  1. LA – This is an amazing experiment – so good to share – I’m sure a lot of fabric folk will want to take up some of this. I particularly liked the fact that you methodically combined the inks. Where to with this – maybe a little blurb book? Cheers. B


  2. That really is an amazing undertaking & you’ve accomplished beautiful results. You inspire me. I will look forward to hearing about Mary Ruth’s class & catching up next month.


  3. Catching up…so fun to see your experiments and looking forward to seeing where it goes. Sometimes, I kind of like it when things bleed. 🙂


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