What’s black and white …

and read all over?

July 28-29, 2021

Mammogram and bone density screening at age 65 … what could go wrong, right? Honestly, I expected bad news, so I was more than happy to find out that the mammogram is clear and my osteoporosis has been downgraded to osteopenia, which is all …

July 28, 2021 – Black and white

And the good news continued with this missive from the Fiber Artists in San Antonio …

And now I’m looking forward to seeing how well the typewriter ribbon ink holds up on cloth, because I can see how that might could tie in to this workshop (yep, I got one of the remaining five spots).

The good news continued during our weekly visit with Parker, who likes to pick out her milk cup to accompany a rainbow dinner …

It all got eaten, which means there was ice cream for dessert, too!

20 thoughts on “What’s black and white …

    1. I always wonder which color she’ll pick … red, orange, yellow or green … and whether the straw will match … ha!

      As for ice cream, I subscribe to the notion that no one ever said “I wish I hadn’t eaten so much ice cream” on their deathbed 😉


      1. This is one of the loveliest comments about grandchildren that I have ever read and is so fitting for Parker

        Boobs and bones, necessary tests; nerve wracking to wait for the results, so glad that you got blessed good results. Not to get too graphic or x-rated here but you have to inject a little levity when undergoing these tests..I tell the tech to get a block and tackle to hoist my sagging parts up to the screening platform… it always cracks her up and makes the ordeal go easier!


  1. Great test results .. and I am very excited for you getting into that class. Looking forward to seeing what it inspires you to stitch up next. I’ve been following your post and am sorry for not commenting more. Everyone is good here just busy busy. Loved that you shared many of your family fun vacation photos .. such a blessing that you were all able to come together. 😘


    1. I’ve recently gotten past the need to apologize for posting lapses … likewise comments, those that appear here and those at Kindred Spirit blogs … it’s always great to see you, and like old friends, we can seamlessly (or should I say, seam-ingly?) pick up where we left off


    1. (((Mo))) a change for me … I’ve always been hesitant about color, but with the help of magnificent dyers like Deb and Tina, I’m coming out of my shell


    1. I “found” Mary Ruth Smith’s work several years ago, when she was still teaching at Baylor … and saw an exhibit of her work in San Antonio before the pandemic … having a chance to learn from her has been on my wish list for a while now


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