Rounding up the stray patches

May 4, 2021 – Hungry? Not really …
May 5, 2021 – The long arc of summer

A while back I saw this on Instagram …

and it resonated … a lot.

So I googled around and found enough similar images to make a stab at it … because “when you’re not hungry, but you eat because your mouth is lonely” is the best explanation I’ve ever found for why I find myself wandering into the kitchen … again and again.

The Long Arc of Summer patch was dreamed up on a Texas summer’s eve as we watched Griffin shagging high fly balls launched by his dad.

It may have been early May, but summer in Texas is a six-month affair, stretching from May to October, leaving a scant two months each for the other seasons of the year. If we’re lucky …

10 thoughts on “Rounding up the stray patches

  1. I love that…a lonely mouth, eh?! Sometimes it is a lonely heart too. I’ve been working on not allowing that kind of eating, which is hard for me. J and I just commented that summer is here the other day, yes in May. Sort of related: We watched “Field of Dreams” the other day. I adore that movie. It still gives me chills.How nice Griffin and his dad could ‘have a catch’. 🙂


    1. there’s nothing like having a catch in the backyard … I was my brother’s catcher when he was in Little League … I loved the thwack of a hard ball hitting my mitt and never could figure out why girls were doomed to play with grapefruit sized softballs … the boys had all the luck


    1. fingers crossed that I didn’t step over an inadvertent line by attempting to render Japanese characters in stitch …


  2. LA – love the title – rounding up stray patches – there are times in our art lives that this comes around – tying up loose ends, finishing the last bits on projects. A six month summer seems extreme even by out standards. Go well. B


    1. I am always impressed by your persistence … loose ends don’t last long in your world as far as I can tell. And yeah, summers here are pretty rough. There was one droughted year when we swore December was fall, January was winter, and February was spring … leaving the rest of the year to the ravages of a scorching sun in rainless skies. Fingers crossed that doesn’t happen again anytime soon.


  3. I love when you come across a phrase in another language/culture which we wish we had in ours! How perfect is that descriptor? And long hot summers are a fine thing – when they are not too long and not too hot laugh! Both lovely reminders of the days…


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