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March 4, 2021 – Downtown Buda redux — March 5, 2021 – Nipped in the bud

My Wednesday trip to downtown Buda left one to-do box unchecked: I had planned to go to the “mall” …

only to discover it was closed Mondays through Wednesdays. So I took Don with me on Thursday and we had a fairly solitary wander around, during which we found a fun silver ring for Lo’s birthday …

with a bit of carnelian that (almost) matches the color of my moonstone ring. Check.

On my Friday walk in the neighborhood I decided to take a look at a bush that was just coming into bloom the week before the Texas ice storm …

Sadly, it did not make it (although some life might still be stirring deep in its roots). I could tell from a block away that it was totally brown, and by the time I got close it fairly reeked from decomposition. But the camera “saw” some beautiful colors that my eyes missed …

and I was thrilled to find the perfect bit of loveliness to remember it by …

Some patches of cloth speak volumes, with no need of embellishment.

23 thoughts on “Back to it

  1. I love that Mall! I found a sweet vintage quilt there a few years back. Beautiful rings! No doubt Lo will love it. As always, I am enjoying all your patches. Colors are awesome. Stitching phenominal.


  2. Cool ring(s) and that patch does reflect so well. I hope the plant comes back somehow. We have an antique fair mall here. Back in my antiquing days (aprox. 1978-1990) I went in that place a lot! A million treasures all in one spot! I am no longer a buyer, but it’s still fun to look now and again. 🙂


    1. I have missed going to thrift stores and antiquing for the past year, even though, yeah, I don’t “need” another thing …


  3. LA – so good that you can be out doing some things that bring joy and reflect that in your patches. Go well. B


  4. Wow to how well that fabric match sand evokes the damaged plant! And I love the rendition fo the ironwork on the star – a nice memory to have in place. Getting back out again can be a strange and weird thing…


    1. Blimey quick fingers made a hash of that! fabric matches and evokes; of the ironwork; on the sign; some of it may have been autocorrect, but I should probably proof before sending!


      1. and yet, totally readable … by the way, according to my Sandra Boynton calendar, today is Proofreading Day (something I’m very good at doing AFTER I hit the send button)


    1. I don’t usually look at jewelry cases when I go “junking” … but this was fun and I’m thinking I’ll do more in the After Times

      P.S. The orange definitely puts me in mind of your last blog post


  5. Beautiful ring & remembrance patch, and amazing cloth match with the bush! Also admire your single line scissors… and always- your eye for details.


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