P’s knees

The daily patches are still inside my head, patiently waiting to be made real.

Meantime, there was mending to do: a hole in P’s pants …

So I wondered if I could do the blanket stitch mending in a heart shape …

The answer was/is yes!

Process note: variegated Valdani #12 perked cotton on stretch knit leggings.

Reality check: these will probably not make it past a wearing or two, but a smile from P will make it all worthwhile …

12 thoughts on “P’s knees

  1. How sweet! Did you also back it with cloth? Wondering if couching some of the heart to backing cloth might make it last longer? And so glad to read that your daughter has water now. What an ordeal for all of you!


  2. I love the title of this post! And that is a fabulous new technique you have there – it works well everywhere. I love blanket stitch as well – my favourite of all time.


    1. I learned blanket stitch from my 4th grade teacher, who gave each of us a bit of taupe felt which we folded into little pocket shaped pouches, then stitched the edges with navy blue yarn. We made them as gifts for Mothers Day if I recall rightly.


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