Precisely random or randomly precise?

February 1, 2021 – Counting on it

I spent my time yesterday making black and white patches for the top edge of Remember 2021

and then finished the last patch of January to end at the same point as the last black patch …

I was surprised to find (although really, was I truly surprised?) that this new cloth will be virtually the same size as Remember 2016, even though both cloths were begun by making a month’s worth of randomly sized patches …

So it was fun to make a patch by counting threads to recall yesterday’s stitching …

although not too too precisely lest I slip back into old habits 😉

12 thoughts on “Precisely random or randomly precise?

  1. Can you see it from a galloping horse?! Or, so the query goes. The colorful stitching (wool thread?) reminds me of chalk painting.


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