Hope is the thing with feathers

January 21, 2021 – Pride in the Tribe

I’m not an avid alum, but I confess to feeling a fair bit of pride when Jen Psaki, William & Mary class of 2000, stepped up to the podium as President Biden’s Press Secretary …

Of course, it didn’t escape my notice that she was born in 1978, which was the year I graduated. She joins a very long list of W&M alums, some distinguished, others notorious, from Thomas Jefferson to Jim Comey, and Robert Gates to Eric Cantor … not to mention some who are simply entertaining, such as Glenn Close and Jon Stewart.

So yes, I felt genuine Tribe Pride. And therein lies a story, because back in the mid-1970s, we were known as the William & Mary Indians. As that representation fell out of favor, the athletic teams became known as the Tribe, represented by two green and gold feathers. But that too fell out of favor with the NCAA and a new team mascot was sought.

In the end, the William & Mary mascot became the Griffin

Honestly, I was rooting for the Wren. It would have been the perfect representative, in my humble opinion. After all, the wren is a tiny bird with a big voice and W&M is actually quite small with a total enrollment under ten thousand students. Besides which, Christopher Wren was the architect of the building that bears his name

But alas, “Let’s go Wrens!” was apparently a little too geeky, even for a university that arguably prides itself on being just that.

That’s why I chose to stitch a wren feather with Deb Lacativa’s green-dyed floss on her gold-dyed damask in honor of Jen Psaki, whose informed voice will now speak for the fledgling Biden administration (yes, that pun was absolutely intentional). I suspect it won’t be long before her name is added to William and Mary’s list of Incredible Alumni and rightly so.

P.S. Those of you who are longtime readers of this blog may recall that one of our grandchildren is named Griffin and I confess that once upon a time we bought him one of these …

I’m a little Griffin t-shirt

You may also recall that we have a son-in-law who attended William & Mary, seen here in the 2003 Tribe Football Media Guide …

Jake met Meliss six weeks before he graduated in 2006 with a degree in business and they lived happily ever after.

Gotta love those William & Mary grads.

10 thoughts on “Hope is the thing with feathers

  1. what I enjoyed was how Dr. Fauci was downright effusive at his briefing. I love your little green feather


  2. Beautiful feather and a lovely wander through the history of that special place; and yes to her grace in responding to questions. Refreshing indeed!


    1. the feather flew from my fingers … I was sad when it was finished so quickly, so I’ll have to find some other feathers to stitch

      P.S. it feels so much better not having to endure the embarrassment of the previous administration’s briefings


  3. I would have liked the “Wren” as well. Your feather is gorgeous Liz and Deb’s threads look amazing on that color backdrop.


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