The reveals

January 3, 2021 – BoHoHo ornaments

You may recall my post last month about making ornaments with English paper piecing (EPP), one of which was made with a dress from the 1970s and a shirt from the 2000s …

Both have been relegated to my cloth stash and are components of this latest patch.

Since the ornament gifts have now been given, there’s no longer any need for secrecy. So here’s a better look at how the 3-D EPP worked out …

Pieces of clothing that Ellis has outgrown
Bohemian bits of whimsy
a Hokie gift (aka Virginia Tech colors)
and a Soccer Mom tribute

which was constructed from 20 teeny tiny hexagons and 12 pentagons …

Last, but not least, I riffed on one of Don’s wooden houses to make a miniature version …

and experimented with a more 2-D version of the Boho stars …

All worth remembering …

when it’s time to start making ornaments next Christmas!

24 thoughts on “The reveals

  1. Hi L – what an amazing amount of work inn your ornaments ; and great they carry so much meaning and history. Go well. Barry


  2. Awesome ornies! Carrying on fragments of the past to enjoy through the future. You look like a little doll in the photo on the left – you still are a doll!
    Love & Blessings


    1. I saved so few pieces of clothing over the years that it was really hard to cut into these two … but I’m so glad to be able to get them out of hiding in the closet


  3. Wow Liz, such a great body of ornamental work! That “soccer” ball…OH MAN! Those teeny pieces! Love the sweet couple photos 🙂 and watching your year build.


  4. So many cloth stories in those ornaments; tied to the memories of Christmas and family -just perfect. I am very fond your house and of the patch – so so good!


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