Ring them bells

This old Bob Dylan song, covered by one of our local singer/songwriters, has been playing in my head today.

No wonder, as I decided to follow Deb’s lead in the ongoing Open House …

And I made a few ornaments … tiny envelopes with season’s greetings inside …

Now hanging on the tree alongside ornaments from years past …

Don’s been playing around, too …

a work in progress to be continued.

14 thoughts on “Ring them bells

    1. Exactly! I loved making gum wrapper chains back in the day (even sent letters to the candy companies to get free gum wrappers since I couldn’t chew enough to keep up with demand)


        1. remembering more … how the “real” gum wrappers carried the scent of their contents … Doublemint and Wrigley’s Spearmint and Fruit Stripe come to mind


  1. It is a cold night, our breath makes clouds as we breathe in and out, walking a few blocks from our home to our Catholic Church on Christmas Eve…led by the ringing of the church tower bells…bells do that for me, always take me back to my childhood and the beauty and mystery of midnight mass. I have not attended a midnight mass since I was 15 but can still recall that feeling of anticipation and wonder.

    Your display of bells makes me want to reach out and ring each one, dancing a bit with every sound and I just love Don’s Santa Gnome, chubby and festive and you know that he is wanting to get out and do a jig himself!


    1. your reminiscence brought back a memory of a tiny 18th-century church just north of Williamsburg where candles provided the only light and an old bell was tolled at the end of Christmas Eve services … the feeling of breathing in sharp, cold air and looking up into the sky, seeking the brightest star …


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